It’s helped us immensely in planning our dream trip to Alaska without busting our budget! Most are free (may have a parking fee for use of car lots). I would just shop around on various car rental websites for the best deals. There are endless activities to get out and explore in Alaska. Designed for a lower budget, this self drive tour features two popular National Parks, Kenai Fjords and Denali. Like to have a book in hand? could u guide me with tips like what places to cover and either a road trip or a train trip wherever applicable and stay options. Good time to visit for winter sports enthusiasts and for spotting aurora. *Glaciers can be a dangerous and treacherous place. If you're traveling as a family of three or four people, the price person often goes down because kid's tickets are cheaper and hotel rooms can be shared. There is only one area of the national park that can be accessed by road – the Exit Glacier area – go here to see the effects of climate change – the glacier has receded a few kilometers since 1900 and there are year markers on the side of the road to show you what year the glacier used to cover the road you’re driving on! Here are some recommendations to help you travel Alaska on a budget as well as general information on how to travel Alaska. If you’re looking to do some off the beaten path 4×4 drives, or up the Dalton Hwy check out If you think of any questions don’t hesitate to comment again or shoot me a message 🙂. Definitely you can save some $$$ by camping and cooking meals, especially if you already have all the gear! A couple or single person who rents a car and camps along the road system could do a 10-day trip to Alaska for under $2,500, airfare included. I accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Tripoto. For details please review our booking-cancellation-terms policy. PS: Amazing photos, you’re truly talented and well, you’re just so darn lucky to live in such a beautiful place! its going to be for 5 days. As a part-time traveler, I have travelled across USA for last 7 years, and enjoyed road-tripping 5k-10k miles every year to the national parks in this beautiful country. Through this blog I’ll show you how you can visit these destinations, tricks for budget travel, road trip itineraries, and more. Plus, it’s a huge piece of land- 663,300 square mi (1,710,000 km), the biggest state in the USA, and roughly about 1/5 the size of the ‘lower 48′ states combined, therefore, making the temperatures and weather vary widely. *For spring and fall, I’d recommend adding a warmer jacket (I normally wear a snowboard/ski jacket in fall, winter and spring), and warmer gloves. Thanks for all the tips here! For each luxury experience in Alaska, there is a free alternative, and as a personal rule I prefer that so I can make more trips than soak in luxury on a few trips. Several companies offer ice climbing tours that you can expect to pay over $100 per person, per day. Si vous planifiez un road trip aux États-Unis, ne manquez mon article-guide : Road trip USA, mode d’emploi! No problem! I hope you have an amazing time in Alaska! You can die out there and/or be incredibly injured. You ended up here because you’re most likely looking for way to travel Alaska on a budget. Add a few other US cities before or after your Alaska trip as the visa process is painful and a bit expensive ($200). Hope it helps you plan, I know Alaska planning can be daunting. Be careful. A family of four with reasonable airline tickets and a rented motorhome (and a sense of adventure!) From a long weekend to a whole week’s worth of Alaska adventures, Anchorage is filled with wonderful experiences. Me and my wife are planning to visit later toward the fall and would like to splurge on a flight seeing tour and were looking at what we could skimp on in the budget. Bird's eye view of the Bay and Mountains near Seward. You can also read about and see photos from my trips to Mendenhall Glacier, Byron Glacier, and Spencer Glacier. Me and an old girlfriend are meeting in Washington for a cries to Alaska and then once to Anchorage we wanted to spend some time traveling around, and hopefully to Denali. Cap vers le Nord et récit de notre aventure. But due to weather conditions, most flight services are seasonal and peak during the summer months of June-September. Check out all my different road trip itineraries: There are plenty of mountaineering options in Alaska. L’hiver en Alaska est très rude, il est difficile de visiter à cette période de l’année notamment car les parcs sont fermés et les routes dangereuses. These are just a few, of course, there are many many more! I have been so fascinated by photos of their sceneries, so my boyfriend told me that he wants to take me there. Aurora is difficult to predict and the weather needs to be clear to see them. Thanks for all these tips in here! Many people die every year in avalanche and ski/snowboard related accidents. i am planning to visit alaska in june 2015 for the longest day. Many mountaineers prep themselves for months before climbing Denali. Check out my post: The Best Places To See The Northern Lights In Alaska. A road trip to Alaska has been our bucket list for a while so we loaded up our DIY Campervan and set off to “The Last Frontier” state. Quelle merveille, l’Alaska. You can also subscribe without commenting. Alaska lives up to its nickname and boasts a unique culture that you don’t find anywhere in the USA. Hey Maria, Thanks, I hope you and your family enjoy Alaska! Avalanches can occur at any time, even when conditions appear to be safe. Check out my full Alaska packing list post, including lists for different seasons and activities. The earliest I’ve seen them is late Augusta and the latest in early May. If you want to go for the free option, you can save $100 and hike only the first half mile – no gear is needed until the first half mile. Shop wildlife viewing tours from around the state. I thought you could only fly into Brooks Camp? This once uncomfortable dirt road is now a modern-day highway system, and it’s one smooth ride! L’intérieur de l’Alaska, le gigantisme. Take your usual precautions when in towns and cities that you would in cities elsewhere in the world. Don’t worry, wildlife doesn’t charge a fee themselves and with a little luck can even be viewed while keeping your eyes peeled during long road trips. When you land, you’ll be standing on top of an 80ft glacier with about 10ft of fresh snow right under your feet, and will toast your eyes on 360 degree views of untouched snow. You can die or be injured doing any of these activities. In Barrow (name recently restored to Utqiagvik) you can find the Inupiat Heritage Center ($10 adults, $5 students, $5 child, Seniors, and Children 6 & under are free). Read up more on my Disclaimer page. These are the darkest months of the year, with December through mid-February in particular, the darkest. Happy to find some information on doing a self-guided Alaska trip. wer fairbanks is the final destination. If you plan a winter or spring visit hit the slopes. Expect to pay $150 and up per person for a fixed-wing airplane flight tour, $350 and up per person on helicopter tours. The entire process should take around 2 weeks but schedule an appointment in advance as the consulates are busy. Join us in BC as we attempt to road trip across Canada on a budget. Searching for the best places to see the aurora from? Fishing charters can range between $100 to $350 or more. With that said Alaska’s weather is a bit of a rollercoaster and highly unpredictable. How to Travel to Alaska on a Budget. The Milepost. Start shopping Alaska flightseeing tours in various parts of the state. Yes, it’s possible (although mostly limited to summer months) to forage for some of your own food, most commonly berry picking. Some tours include landings on glaciers, lakes, etc. By the end of the post I’ll be showing you how you can see Alaska on a shoestring budget of $62 a day. Plenty of ice climbing chances around the state in the winter and even year-round on several glaciers. The small town of Talkeetna has a bunch of new Airbnb options where you can stay while driving from Anchorage to Denali NP or back. Your best budget option for eating is to stop by a grocery store and stock up on your own food and supplies. Alaska has countless opportunities for road trips! Thanks for all the bits on information in here. Vous envisagez de passer des vacances à Anchorage ou à Tok en Alaska et vous voulez évaluer votre budget du voyage?Ici, vous pourrez voir des exemples de prix de produits de consommation courante et également des statistiques sur le prix d'un cappuccino ou encore d'une place de cinéma. Foraker, one of Denali’s neighbors, and is basically to Denali what K2 is to Everest. Check out my ‘How to Shoot the Aurora‘ series. The best time to visit is heavily dependent on what activities you want to partake in and what kind of temperatures you like. These can range from free to thousands of dollars. Very little of the landmass is reachable by road, in fact, 82% of Alaska’s communities are not on the road system, making the use of boats and planes both commonly used modes of transportation to many places in the state. First, I thought Alaska would all be mostly unpopulated barren country. best places to see the northern lights in Alaska, free places to ski & snowboard near Anchorage, The Best Places To See The Aurora In Alaska, Click here to find out how you can get a Denali Road Lottery Permit, wildlife viewing cruise for the best experience in Kenai Fjords National Park, click here to view the full list of Alaska’s State Parks, The Best Places To See The Northern Lights In Alaska, The Northern Lights Guide, 9 Tips For Viewing The Aurora, The Ultimate Alaska Road Trip Itinerary 1-4 Weeks, Anchorage to Fairbanks Highlights Road Trip, Alaska flightseeing tours in various parts of the state, Shop wildlife viewing tours from around the state, Visit Spencer Glacier On The Whistle Stop Train, Anchorage To Fairbanks Road Trip: One Week In Alaska, Kayaker’s Cove: My Favorite Escape From Seward, The Best Way To Explore Kenai Fjords National Park: Major Marine Tours, What to Pack for Alaska, Written by a Local, Denali National Park Travel Guide + 14 Things To Do In Denali, The Rabbit Lakes Hike In Anchorage, Alaska, The Reed Lakes Hike In Hatcher Pass, Alaska. Denali, meaning ‘The big one’ which at 20,310ft is North America’s highest peak. A side trip to Homer is the easiest detour to add to the Alaska road trip itinerary presented in this article. Go at your own risk and if you’re unsure hire a guide. Shop different cultural tours. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. I’m so happy to have found your website with all these tips to help cut down on costs so we can get out and travel! Denali up close does – you’re hiking on something that you can see through, something that has seen the wrath of time, and something that was back in time so huge, that it covered the present day Anchorage 100 miles away! Thanks for all the great information in this guide. Hiring a guided tour can prove costly, some costing $400 per day. Hello, you know the highest peak in North America is here right? *Skiing and snowboarding are all at your own risk, even at a resort. Watching the northern lights dance is always free, unless of course you opt to take an aurora tour, and remember that this is no guarantee you will actually see them. Moreover, if you’re willing to dare the wild and don’t mind sounds of grizzly bears at night, you can camp at the many campgrounds of Alaska after buying your own tent from the local Walmart, and reserving your campsite via the website. Yup, that would be Denali. In order to see the aurora you’ll need a dark night sky, so winter months are best. Prices can get quite expensive, but it offers you a very unique way to see the state’s beautiful sites. It’s an extra 3.5 hours from Seward to Homer. Can’t wait to visit 🙂. you are taking your life into your own hands. Avalanche danger is very real. If you’re coming to Alaska and you’re not a US citizen, head over to my post on the ESTA to see if you’re eligible for the visa waiver program. Cycling can be a cheap way to get around the state, albeit a slower way. Glad to have helped, I feel you.. Start shopping plans over at battleface, my go-to travel insurance choice, or over at World Nomads. Have a fun cruise and trip up here. Budget For RV Trip To Alaska. Yes you have to arrive by flight, but I’m not sure how you’re confused about this. Note that the following seasons are according to what’s to be expected in the southcentral part of the state. Updated November 2020, How to Travel Alaska on a Budget was originally written in April 2017. Here are 16 Day Hikes To Try Near Anchorage. These are all ballpark averages and should be treated as such. If you’re lucky you may catch a sight of Alaskan marine mammals such as otter, sea lion, and 6 different types of whales. Also, try Mckinley Creekside Café opposite of Denali Hostel for great Mexican and American food. My favorite part of your article is when you said that there are a lot of kayaking trips in Alaska and that is usually $100 per person. En quittant la région du centre-sud, à un peu plus de 2h de route d’Anchorage, se trouve Talkeetna, véritable point de départ à une exploration de l’intérieur de l’Alaska. Much of Alaska is wild, remote, and treacherous. I’d highly recommend getting a window seat on your flight, and choosing a day-time landing flight as the views of the snow-capped peaks and pristine glaciers from up above are simply mind-blowing on descent to Anchorage. The online version is quite good, we suggest using a VPN when connecting while traveling, but also highly recommend picking up a hard copy to keep in the car (and as a souvenir).. En préparant notre road trip en Amérique, l’Alaska était l’une des destinations qui nous faisait le plus rêver. This can be quite dangerous. Here are a few different lists to help you figure out what to bring. Alaska, particularly the Anchorage area has a great network of bike trails. If you happen to be around Anchorage on the weekend in the summer months, stop on by the Anchorage Market and Festival at 741 E 13th Ave. Several food vendors from around Alaska offer up some yummy Alaskan dishes (and some from the outside too). Having avalanche training is extremely advisable as well as a shovel, beacon, and probe and of course knowledge of how to use them. I didn’t even talk about the process of getting to Brooks Falls in this post, I’ve only stated the camping options. Visit in early summer for jaw-dropping snow-capped peaks in every photo of your trip and visit in October-March for mind-boggling shots of Northern Lights that are best viewed in Fairbanks. Use code ‘ADVENTURESOFNICOLE’ for 20% off at checkout, Login Logout Entries Feed Privacy Policy & Disclaimer. Microbreweries seem to be popping up all over Alaskan cities and towns. I am a little confused. The Milepost will be your best friend on an Alaskan road trip. from ancchorage to fairbanks. The Adventures of Nicole is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. Environ $280/par nuit avec kilométrage illimité (les prix sont plus élevés pendant la haute saison). A popular activity for Alaskans and tourists alike. I strongly recommend picking up some literature on berry picking and foraging in Alaska if this is something you’d like to try (we do have some poisonous berries and plants after all). These are the best fares found by travelers who searched Tripadvisor in the past recent weeks. Along the way, plan on seeing some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. Indians can apply for a B1/B2 tourist visa at one of the U.S. Consulate locations at Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad or at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi. Looking for a gorgeous and challenging multi-day trek? Just a couple of comments. Most mountaineering trips in Alaska are not to be taken lightly and many are very treacherous. Always make lots of noise when in the wilderness to help ward off animals, they are usually more scared of you than you are of them and it is always advisable to go as a group or at least with a buddy.