If you’re able to find cheap tickets to Croatia where you land on any other airport, then by all means get those. Good one. Seeing as this is a long drive, stop off and have a bite to eat at Kapetanova kuca on the way for some local cuisine. This is the perfect place to end your Balkan road trip. Another option is Rooms Ive, a great spot for the night. Most apartments include a kitchens too. The entrance fee is €20 (150 kunas) per person, and it’s well worth it. It is perhaps the most photographed part of this destination. The most beautiful place in Croatia is the Plitvice Lakes National Park – please don’t skip it. No worries, they have bungalows too. The entry is 20 Kunas, which is a 3 Euros. La vieille ville de Split a la particularité d’être bâtie à l’intérieur et autour d’un palais romain édifié en l’an 305, ce qui lui donne un cachet unique. Malgré le ciel gris, nous y passons un séjour i-n-o-u-b-l-i-a-b-l-e (lisez cet article pour en savoir plus) en compagnie de gens formidables. A semi hidden swimming spot in Krka National Park, Croatia. Stoja isn’t a single beach here but many of them together next to a campsite. While you’re on the road, why not make an extended journey to Bosnia and Herzegovina to see the exceptional Kravice Waterfall (also called the Kravica Waterfall). While in Brela, indulge in a room with a view of the sea. Stop 1.3/ A beer in Karlovac city. Vacances insolites : Road-Trip en Europe du Sud-Est En 3 semaines, pour un Paris/Kotor/Paris, vous avalerez les 4000 km de ce périple sans (presque) vous en rendre compte ! Look at Blueson Hotel on Soline Beach with sea on three sides or Villa Paulina that has a view of the sea. This coming summer I'll be arriving into Dubrovnik, Croatia for 11 days. Driving in Montenegro is amazing because the roads are winding and there are many viewpoints where you can stop your car and rest. A day trip to Montenegro is possible but makes little sense to me. Is this something to consider or the headache of so many changes will not be payable? You can also cycle through. Le Canon 6D de Karl se remet d’ailleurs péniblement du déluge qu’il a essuyé : cela ne nous empêche pas de prendre de belles photos sur la route, notamment en Autriche. If you’re driving into Croatia from Slovenia, then you can skip Zagreb and start your road trip from Pula instead. The beaches of Vruja are a little secluded and you can avoid crowds there. Take a hike in the forest of Mount Medvednica (the “Bear Mountain”), book a tour or drive to Plitvice National Park, or head north of the city to castle country. Croatia is blessed with 1,800 kilometers of rocky, indented and spectacular coastline and more than a thousand islands. During our second trip, we had limited time and we wanted to spend it well. The drive here will take just over an hour, so we suggest leaving Krka National Park in the early morning to enjoy lunchtime in the city. One cannot travel this country without island-hopping and making time to see the famous Croatia scenery of the cities that lay just off the coastline. Bref, grosse déception ! 2 oeuvres d’art y rencontrent tout particulièrement l’intérêt des touristes de passage et des locaux : l’orgue marine, un instrument de musique actionné par les vagues de la mer Adriatique et le « Sun Salutation« , un spectacle son et lumière qui rassemble chaque soir les foules sur le quai, pour un moment de partage unique. After you take a long walk through the park, refresh yourself in the crystal clear blue waters of the waterfalls. Many international flights land in Zagreb, and since it’s easy to see the main attractions in one afternoon the country’s capital is a great place to do some sightseeing while getting over your jet lag.Most are situated around the upper town which is very walkable, particularly if you base yourself near the iconic Zagreb Cathedral. 13-mag-2015 - Summer road-trip in Croatia - part 3: Split, Brela, Dubrovnik and the abandoned touristic village of Kupari. Day 3 is the start of your Croatia road trip. Be sure to check that out too. . Nous avons décidé d’y poser nos sacs pour une première étape. Book an apartment that’s nearby and get some rest the night before because you will have to walk a lot inside the national park. Pula has Rome’s Colosseum look alike – it is called the Roman Arena. Zadar is an optional stop, because this itinerary already includes similar (and more beautiful) historical coastal destinations like Dubrovnik and Split. We did not hear about even a single incident that would make us doubt the safety aspect here. It will take around 2 and a half hours to get here from Dubrovnik, and the drive itself is really enjoyable. Road Trip Bolivie - 3 semaines road trip makes stops at La Paz, Bolivia, Sucre, Chuquisaca, Bolivia, Potosí, Potosí, Bolivia and others. There you have it: 11 days and 1,300 Kms of sheer bliss – Waterfalls, beaches, villages, ports and ruins – this eleven-day trip will make you fall in love with Croatia If you are looking for shorter itineraries, we have some suggestions: [learn_more caption=”Four-Day Road Trip – Northern Croatia”] Attachez votre ceinture, on vous emmène ! This island will take you back in time and teach you about the colorful history of Croatia. road trip au portugal 2 semaines road trip au portugal 2 semaines 02 décembre 2020 décembre 02, 2020 Blog No comments yet décembre 02, 2020 Blog No comments yet In our two visits to this amazing country, we met many travelers and a majority were traveling solo in Croatia. You need to pay a toll fee on the roads that connect Zagreb with Zadar, Split and Rijeca. These lakes make a great day trip from Split despite being much further away. Hvar is renowned for having excellent accommodation options, with plenty of resorts and villas. There’s also a street market that we saw here with amazing cheese, salami and more. We stayed in Bungalows and Camping Korana, that’s 5 KMs away. While visiting friends in Ferrara, Italy, we decided to take on the insane challenge of a three-day road trip with three adults and four kids under the age of five (my own boys were five-months and three-years-old at the time). It is 6 KMs away and you can enjoy barbecue facilities, free parking, privacy, and air-conditioned rooms. Voici l’itinéraire que nous avons suivi lors de notre road trip de 2 semaines en Croatie. ). Pour ce deuxième jour de road trip en Croatie, vous prendrez la route direction Makarska.Vous suivrez une route longeant le bord de mer avec de sublimes panoramas.. Après 1 heure de trajet, vous arriverez à la frontière bosnienne. If you want to compare the beauty, then Plitvice Lakes National Park definitely wins. We met while traveling and got married. The locals here speak decent English and you won’t have any communication problems. Here’s how to do it right. Pour vivre la Croatie en mode far west et écotourisme. Il faut la vivre! In case you’re starting your trip from Montenegro or Serbia or Bosnia & Herzegovina – then just do this itinerary in reverse and make Dubrovnik your starting point. This campsite has rooms too, so you can book a room if you’re not up for camping. Hvar is renowned for having excellent accommodation options, with plenty of resorts and villas. The ferry costs are around €17 (127 Kunas) and you can catch one at 7:30, 10:00, or 16:30  daily. I have visited it a few times over the last few years because of Modem music festival. by Drifter Planet | Oct 19, 2019 | Croatia, Road Trips. But still, just for the sake of quick information so that you can visualize the map in your head – it is opposite Italy with the Adriatic Sea separating them. However, if you want to cool down and take a dip in the waterfall then you will love Krka National Park. Here’s how to do it right. If you’re driving to Croatia from Slovenia or Italy, it makes total sense to start your trip in, Pula has Rome’s Colosseum look alike – it is called. Situé le long du Velebit, le massif montagneux le plus important de Croatie, et protégé par l’UNESCO, il est encore habité par des ours et des loups et reconnu pour son biotope unique. However, if you’re driving in from Hungary then it makes more sense to start your trip from Zagreb. While in Zagreb, book an apartment for yourself and park your car because the city’s public transport is awesome and affordable. Writer Adam H. Graham takes a spin down Croatia’s A1 Road, which runs from Zagreb to Dubrovnik, passing ancient forts, modern hotels and five of Crotia’s six UNESCO sites. Crotia is really beautiful. Fill the day with a boat ride to the blue lagoons and sightseeing ancient architecture like Diocletian’s Palace. Admire architecture from both the Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic and Roman styles as you see first-hand the blend of culture that this remarkable city has. Our Croatia travel itinerary had nothing on it but Plitvice Lakes and many extra days for spontaneity. With 11 days in hand, this is what we finally chalked out for our road trip: Day 1: Fly into Zagreb and spend 1 night in a cosy B&B. If you’re doing this trip with a baby in a stroller, then Krka National Park will be an easier destination and you should skip Plitvice Lakes. Road trip Croatia – part 3 Split, Croatia On the next morning, after another burek -based breakfast, we were ready to start our tour of Split and we went straight … Our Croatia road trip guide will take you to all of the most awe-inspiring locations throughout the country, and allow you to really feel its unique ambiance. I really enjoyed walking around in Pula’s old town. Europe - Road Trip - Croatia - Originally Posted by ung1 Thanks. If you stay inside the national park, you will not spend on your internal transport and will also not wait in the long line. It is an award winning hotel with a view of the town. Book a Hvar island tour from Split, which will cover your transport costs. Come, let's travel together and see the magical side of the places that we visit. It will take around 2 and a half hours to get here from Dubrovnik, and the drive itself is really enjoyable. Starting at the most Northern point, Rijeka is a transport hub and major ferry port. It is one of the few places that’s recommended by the National Park and they also run a free shuttle to and from the park everyday. The gates are Dvojna vrata and Herkulova vrata. There are two gates and one triumphal arch. Highly touristy so make sure you thoroughly read this post before. En Octobre 2018, 1€= 7,43 Kn. Stoja isn’t a single beach here but many of them together next to a campsite. Krka National Park is one of Croatia’s most beautiful and fun at the same time. Si vous flânez parfois sur Pinterest pour trouver de l’inspiration pour vos voyages, vous avez sans doute vu passer des dizaines de photos de ce parc magnifique. These are all decent photography spots especially as the sun starts to set. If you see google maps, you will notice how this part looks triangular with multiple beaches. Le résultat a été à la hauteur de mes attentes. These are all decent photography spots especially as the sun starts to set. We stopped in Zadar for one night before driving to Krka National Park. Most apartments include a kitchens too. If you’re driving to Croatia from Slovenia or Italy, it makes total sense to … The entrance fee is only €25 – €30 (180 Kunas). Dubrovnik – King’s Landing in Game of Thrones – Croatia Itinerary. Upon arrival, immediately immerse yourself in the enchanting old town. We stayed in a place called Apartment Maruna that had everything we needed. Croatia Road Trip itinerary suggested route – Map. The beaches aren’t sandy but are pebbeley. Road trip two - Croatia <3. The Perfect Croatia Itinerary: How To Spend 3 Weeks In Croatia We absolutely loved our time in Croatia. I really enjoyed walking around in Pula’s old town. For your trip it is best to start a list with the number of nights you have for the trip. The Rocky beaches of Pula, Istria – Croatia Itinerary. On suit l’E42 jusqu’à l’Allemagne, on poursuit sur la 60 jusqu’à Munich. You can open this map on Google Maps and on your left you will see an option to. If you see google maps, you will notice how this part looks triangular with multiple beaches. This will give you the opportunity to see the nearby Koćuša Waterfall. This world-renowned national park truly the best natural wonder in Croatia. Impossible de visiter la Croatie sans faire un crochet par l’emblématique parc national des lacs de Plitvice! We love nature, adventure and road trips. No, it isn’t difficult to take the car to non EU borders, we have done it ourselves. Lydia et Srdjan, les propriétaires, nous accueillent à bras ouverts. Great post. It originates from the Trebižat River and seamlessly cascades down the crevasses of the jungle. The city boasts still waters that reflect the shimmering sun and makes for the most wonderful place to go on a Croatian cruise. Transfer (by car or bus) to Rovinj on the Istrian Peninsula. Nous avons établi notre itinéraire sur un rythme plutôt soft (roadtrip OK mais ça reste des vacances… et accessoirement j’étais enceinte ! Believe it or not, it was built 3000 years ago by the Illyrians! Elle aime les plats épicés, le capuccino et les marshmallows. The starting points will change based on how you enter Croatia. Driving to Plitvice Lakes from Zagreb or Zadar, Croatia. Mention spéciale aussi pour Chocolat 041 et Amelie, 2 super bonnes adresses pour une pause sucrée! Zadar is near Krka National Park – Croatia Road Trip Itinerary. Croatia is blessed with 1,800 kilometers of rocky, indented and spectacular coastline and more than a thousand islands. Des champs infinis de houblons nous indiquent que l’on approche de la capitale de la Bavière, où l’on ingurgite chaque année un océan de bière à l’occasion de l’Oktoberfest. Le rêve ! We stayed in a place called Riva Hostel and we loved it. You can see the Biokovo mountain from most of the beaches in Brela. We had chosen a not so calm day for our exploration of the Kornati Islands and got some splashes of water, but apart from the crossing from the mainland to the archipelago, the sea was relatively calm. Soak in the atmosphere of Croatia on a thrilling road trip. This coastal urban city is never short on incredible sights and sounds, and it’s an exciting place to enjoy on a Croatia road trip. GPS Input: Martin Brod or Una National Park. De Paris, cap à l’est, avec la découverte de l’Allemagne, et notamment Stuttgart et Munich. We are coming and driving a minibus (minivan) so ,it means we are very flexible on route and in any destinstion, we are free and sould move to … Few years ago I first time visit in Croatia and I didn't know what to expect. Station #3: Zadar Zadar was another highlight: We rented a boat (careful, sport boat driving licence necessary) and made a day trip. Hvar Island from up above – Croatia Itinerary.