After all, the Alaska Railroad provides beautiful scenery as it travels from Seward to Anchorage to Fairbanks. Imagine the most gorgeous pink and purple sunset that lasts for three hours. Fresh off the plane from Southern California, we were doing a little day trip south near Alyeska on our way to the Whittier Glacier when I saw my first Alaska moose at sunset. I think that I have sorted out pretty much our highlight but would love to get any advice from locals :-) We`re looking for shorter drives per day to be able to enjoy longer stops. Driving distances in Alaska can be long, and don’t be surprised if you get caught up in construction, especially in the summer. Some of the freeze dried flavours you can buy out there, like there Organic Curry in a Hurry, are actually pretty tasty these days, (Like the salmon flavour that I seasoned our campsite with at Savage River Camp Ground) It wasn’t the best food I ate while camping and hiking my way through Denali National Park but we had to save those pennies for things like plane rides to have snow ball fights on top of Glaciers. Renting fishing gear and exploring a glacier are memories worth a few extra pennies. Plan your stay in Anchorage with the Anchorage Travel Guide, Bent Prop Inn & Hostel Downtown| | |, Inlet Tower Hotel & Suites| | |, The Hotel Captain Cook| | |. Wanna get out of the Anchorage bustle, but not stray too far? This is a steep trail that gives you a great view of the Nenana River down below as well as the Alaskan Range. It’s an exciting and fearsome place to vacation! We were not wearing sweat pants and hiking boots. It’s some of the prettiest places to hike I have ever been on my travels. There are multiple places in Alaska that will flash freeze your catch so you can ship it home if you do catch more salmon than you can eat in a few days. Alaska really feels like the last frontier and the insane beauty of this state; the pine and spruce trees and the taiga forests really do take your breath away. One road, two countries, and 2,232km – a journey along the Alaska Highway promises to be the road trip of a lifetime. The drive up the Dalton Highway was one of the most unique road trips I have ever done. There are three reasons for that; The surreal beauty of the taiga forest, the amazing friends I shared this vacation with and the un-realness of what Alaska must be like for these brave people who live in the fortieth state and enjoy twenty four hours of sunshine in the summer and four hours of dusky sunlight in the long winter months. If you manage to get a photo of the mountain on a clear day consider yourself very lucky. Eagle River Microtel| | |. This can also be started from Fairbanks for those flying in there, or Tok for travelers arriving overland from Canada. Girdwood has several good restaurants, plenty of hiking options and is quite scenic. Since AK is such a destination of the overland community, our experiences may be helpful to folks. in pictures Camping in Denali National Park is an experience you simply cannot miss. China Road Trip - Été 2016 Gui Nus. If you’re not fussed to camp in a tent (or camper/RV) and outside the park though, you can usually find a slot at a campground even at the last minute. Although we used to backpack/tent camp every summer, two years ago we purchased a 20 foot camper van (sprinter) that we will call home for most of our trip. (And they have awesome Alaska souvenirs too), Definitely take a break from the great Alaska road trip to detour to Talkeetna! Even after a lifetime here, Hatcher Pass is one of my favorite places in Alaska. My wife and I take an annual trip in the fall to try to chase the last bit of Summer from Alaska. Especially if you are planning to drive it up the Haul Road. While this is more of a boat, plane and road trip, here is an outline to get you started on your ultimate Alaskan road trip. As you drive further up Highway One and connect to The George Park’s Highway and really begin to put Anchorage and the city of Wasilla behind you, Alaska just opens up into the most gorgeous and green taiga forest thick with pine and spruce trees. Alaska is an amazing destination for a Road trip. Our road trip mascot a known as “maxi-moose” – I wish I could say I came up with that name, but I didn’t! Home » North America » A Wallet Friendly Guide to an Epic Alaska Road Trip. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. We have enjoyed every one of Alaska's amazing destinations.This site is a brief report of our trip. This pizza place is totally worth an Alaska road trip up crazy moose studded Alaskan highways! While in Alaska there are two things you absolutely have to have for breakfast, and Talkeetna does both very well. From Tok, take the Glenn Highway down to Glennallen and from there head south on the Richardson to Copper Center. This is the most common jumping-off point for an Alaska road trip as Anchorage has the most domestic and international connections. Don’t miss Portage & Byron Glaciers that sit very close to the opening of the Anchorage side of the Whittier Tunnel. If you really don’t want to be covered in bug bites just get used to smelling like Deet all the time like everyone else in Alaska. Stock the cooler for the dining options between here and Talkeetna are pretty bleak. In 2002 we paid eight dollars for a package of Oreo cookies. Book a ticket on one of the park buses to experience true Alaskan wilderness! Learn how your comment data is processed. Start shopping plans over at battleface, my go-to travel insurance choice, or over at World Nomads. This trip to Alaska was different though as food in Alaska is stupid expensive. If you are truly a fan of a different kind of vacation a summertime Alaska road trip adventure full of Grizzly bears and moose (from a distance) and hopefully a Chinook salmon or two is a must do on your bucket list. Watch moose grazing by the waterfront, right outside of the Anchorage suburbs, as the ocean waves crash and the sun refuses to set, and you hope the moose decides to stay calm and not charge. There are only a handful of sights to see in town, making it a nice stop to break up the journey between Denali and Fairbanks. Driving the Alaskan highways in June or July so beats the kind of Alaska Adventure you get to see from the balcony of a cruise ship. The gorgeous highways and back roads through the coniferous taiga forests of Alaska are the kind of place that just beckons anyone who loves a road trip. Alaska was actually a Russian Colony until as late as 1867 when the U.S. purchased it for just over seven million dollars (I guess this explains the joke that Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house) Alaska is one of the only places in the United States that you really do hear native languages still spoken like Aleut and the Inuit languages. That is how you know this is going to be a one of a kind vacation experience. (And let’s hope that happens!). Save the world, one backpack at a time. We have driven on the roads of Alaska for two and a half weeks and traversed over 5,000 miles. I mean that is if you love to fish the way that I love to fish. Exploring Ruth Glacier just a little bit was the closest we got on our trip to the summit of Mt McKinley and it is a really unique memory of our two weeks in Alaska. 7 Unforgettable Road Trips To Take In Alaska Before You Die. I recommend dressing warm and wearing cleats out there to help prevent slips. … Alaska Road Trip Planning Tip: We don’t suggest traveling in April, often called “mud season”, as the snow is melting which in turn makes Alaska hiking trails slushy and roads slippery and wet. If you’re planning to visit in the summer months, June, July, and August, I highly recommend making arrangements and booking accommodations and/or campsites well in advance as things do fill up quickly and accommodations in your budget range may sell out long before your arrival. That is the thing about doing an Alaskan road trip and driving the Alaska highways; it’s so exceptionally breathtakingly gorgeous up here in the northern state that you don’t even have to make crazy vacation plans. The afternoon we drove into Talkeetna the first thing we saw was a dude riding an ATV with a Labrador pup riding on the back. Denali has plenty to offer with narrated bus tours, flightseeing, wildlife viewing, walking, hiking, backcountry backpacking, and so much more. More than once we were enjoying our pizza on the outside patio and a crazy hail storm blew in sending us grabbing pizza and beer and running indoors (With everyone else in the crowded restaurant). Sour dough hot cakes originated in Alaska during the gold rush years and you will never be able to eat a plain old pancake again after experiencing the decadent Alaskan sour dough pancake. For many travelers that aren’t on a high budget, an Alaska road trip is the best way to see the 49th state without forking over your life savings. Learn more to plan your visit here, Wanna break from driving? The National Forest Service run. When you watch shows like Ice Road Truckers, this is the kind of crazy highway they are tackling in the winter months. If you want to go the granola natural route (Which I normally recommend but this is Alaska and the mosquitoes are fierce here) you can try pure lemongrass oil as opposed to the chemical Deet. That was the one that got away. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I’m sure they had a lovely time gambling in the casino and stuffing themselves at the buffet but to me cruising to Alaska is not a true Alaska adventure. Afterward, drive through the Atigun Pass, the highest highway pass in Alaska, with an elevation of 4,739 feet, and continue traveling along the foothills of Brooks Range, frozen tundra, and Ivishak River. Click here to shop Nenana accommodations. I have a thing for little-visited parts of the world, breakaway regions, and remote places. This is what makes a summertime Alaska road trip exciting! Home to Alyeska Ski Resort for those visiting in winter/spring months that may want to get in some turns. If this happens to you, keep a book in the car and be prepared to wait and enjoy the forests of Alaska on both sides of the highway. Every vacation I take centres around food and normally if I planned a camping trip we would be eating the most delicious camp food ever. This route takes you through Denali National Park too. I recommend definitely detouring further through Denali National Park for a few days of camping. Whatever they decide to though it still makes for a great trip – a trip that plenty of people (people like you) want to take. I admit now looking back that perhaps throwing four good friends and two weeks’ worth of camping supplies into a compact Ford Focus might have been a strain on our friendship and we did more than a little bit of getting on each others nerves (And that was before we dropped the video camera into the river. You could travel by train. You can also subscribe without commenting. (You many hear these in the northern areas of Alaska depending how far you decide to drive up the Haul Road). Wrangell St. Elias is the largest national park in the US, and as such, most of the park is only accessible by multi-day hikes and by small plane. $1,635 for three nights, all-inclusive. Two really cool add-ons to consider for your Dalton Highway adventure is a day (or more) hike into ANWR and a multi-day hike into Gates of the Arctic National Park. Before you leave town make sure you stop at Fred Meyers for healthy snacks and the most amazing turkey and artichoke paninis ever! If you have gone as far as Fairbanks I highly recommend that you continue up the Dalton Highway until at least the Arctic Circle, the Earth’s northernmost circle of latitude. things in Alaska leads to the best vacation memories. This is one of the top places to visit in Alaska, with Denali National Park being one of the most well known destinations in the state. If you wanna read up more on the road trip up the Dalton Highway, read this post here. For those of you that are only in Alaska for a week, you may be bidding your goodbyes here, but if you’re continuing for two weeks or more, use this time to re-stock up before hitting the road to the north toward Denali and Fairbanks. Does this sound like your kind of Alaskan adventure? It’s been many, many years since I have been to Alaska and they still, all these years later have some of the best pizza I have ever had in my life. What a fantastic introduction to one of America’s greatest small towns! When she is not trail running or hiking up to mountain peaks she is travelling the world camping and blogging about her adventures in the great outdoors. I think it’s better to be to informed than to be that camper that is trying to Instagram a selfie with a Grizzly bear in it. You will be in Anchorage a couple more times on your Alaska road trip, so you may choose to explore the city right away or at a later point in your trip. We hadn’t seen a Grizzly Bear yet. Even if you don’t get insurance with World Nomads, Please do get some sort of insurance from somewhere, there’s lots of decent options online. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Tok, much like Delta Junction doesn’t have tons of things to do in itself, however, it’s a good jumping off point for further adventures. Heading southwest out of Tok is the Glenn Highway, which will take you past Gakona and Glennallen where you can either head south to Valdez or southwest to Anchorage. The Dalton Highway is a crazy road trip that will take you from Fairbanks to the north coast of Alaska, up a dirt road, that passes beyond the Arctic Circle. We snapped a few photos (From far away) and continued back down highway one towards the glacier. Most rental companies will not allow their vehicles to go on gravel roads or charge an extra fee of $500 or more. We are a Norwegian couple (age 45) planning our 3 weeks road trip to Alaska during July/August 2019. Local businesses are also often closed, shifting gears from Alaska winter tours to summer tours. Talkeetna is the base town for mountaineers exploring Mt McKinley and you meet the most interesting people who are planning to climb a 20,310 foot mountain! Millions of people have done an Alaskan cruise and explored Juneau and Ketchikan after departing the big boat with thousands of other tourists my parents age. If you walk into the gas station, you may meet all of them. My Road Trip to Alaska Cost + How to Save Money in Alaska By in Scenery , Travel Tips , Van Camping I didn’t have a strict budget when I took my 2 month (58 day ) trip to Alaska, although I was hoping to spend less than $100 per day. So, I’ll make it easy for you. With countless adventures to be had into the Talkeetna Mountains, it’s got something just about anyone could enjoy. That right there is why an Alaska road trip is the best budget friendly vacation you can have in the United States. It'll be there for you when you can't get service on your SmartPhone. The afternoon that we checked into our campsite we heard from other campers in our area that there had been a Grizzly sighting in our exact campsite the night before. It is a town of ten people. McCarthy is the main jumping off point into Wrangell St. Elias National Park. La respuesta es clara, un road trip por Alaska se hace en verano. People could just look at us and tell we were different; we were from California. Check out the Broke Backpacker’s Bible…. Millions of black spruce trees and miles and miles of taiga forests line the lonely highway as you make your way as north as you want to go. The crazy cost of food in Alaska is why I packed those gross light weight freeze dried camping meals for my camping portion of my trip to Alaska. All rights reserved. After experiencing the solstice at the Arctic Circle and enjoying Fairbanks fun solstice festivities I will never look at the summer solstice the same way. When I visited Alaska in 2003 Mt McKinley was still known by that name and then renamed Denali a few years ago. You can safely walk the streets of Anchorage at two a.m. strolling home (to your  tent) from one of Anchorages fantastic watering holes (The cocktail kind; not the filled with elk kind) It will be twilight and creepy feeling because darkness just won’t come as the midnight sun refuse to set. Updated April 2020, The Ultimate Alaska Road Trip Itinerary was originally written in January 2020. From Whittier it’s possible to take day cruises in the sound out to beautiful calving glaciers, go out on a fishing charter, hike, camp and more. That is a truly Alaskan experience. For those not as adventurous it’s easy enough to stop at viewpoints along the Glenn Highway for views of the glacier, but if you’re wanting to get out on the ice drive into Matanuska Glacier Park where you can pay the $30 per person access fee and continue to drive to the toe of the glacier. Take my advice; get the version that will give you cancer. Road trip dans l'ouest américain du 20 juillet au 05 aout 2017, de Los Angeles à San Francisco. Homer is a usual fan favorite of those tourists that road trip around Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. That is Alaska. A little way down the highway after Copper Center head out onto the Edgerton Highway to Kenny Lake and Chitina, before making the remainder of the journey on the McCarthy Road that gives access to McCarthy and Kennecott Mine. It’s very easy and just two miles. Where else on earth can you take a tiny seven-seater plane to the top of a glacier? Check out this awesome post to inspire you! Look no further! The people you meet in Talkeetna while hanging out at the Denali Brewing Companies tasting room have the craziest stories to tell of actually climbing “The Mountain” BTW The Denali Brewing Companies tasting room and patio area is an exceptional place to spend an afternoon. Visit Spencer Glacier On The Whistle Stop Train. In southeast Alaska, “road trip” is a misnomer; to really get around here, you have to embrace water travel. © 2020, The Broke Backpacker. Try to decide between the beer battered cheese bread sticks and the pizza with actual reindeer sausage.