for, Fault lines of the revolution: political actors, Assassination of Arab Intellectuals by Extremists, A Libyan … Only England And Wales jurisdiction apply in all legal matters. Libya’s women face dangers for speaking out – they need protection. By Miral Sabry Al Ashry. By Col. Two Libyan families have filed a lawsuit against Khalifa Haftar in a US court, alleging that forces loyal to the eastern military commander tortured their family members to death. The Falcon 900 also landed during the same period in Abu Dhabi and then at the private Emirati airport Al Batine, reserved for business … Krshiny was eventually released but lost an eye as a result of the abuse, according to his lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, which can be accessed below, Haftar, a dual Libyan-American citizen, and his sons own multiple properties in Virginia worth a total of at least $8m. Libya is the second largest reserve of gold in Africa. Africa ‘Death-squad style’: murder of … © Middle East Eye 2020 - all rights reserved. In the lawsuit, which was filed in the State of Virginia on Tuesday, the families are seeking restitution from Haftar and his sons using the Torture Victim Protection Act of 1991, which allows family members of victims of extrajudicial killings and torture to sue the people responsible. Khalifa Haftar, a Field Marshal, born 7 November 1943 in Ajdabiya in eastern Libya. And witnesses accuse the son of the strong man from the east of the country of having seized this liquidity which is flowing from Europe. "We are pursuing these claims in a United States federal court because of an available US law, the Torture Victim Protection Act, and the lack of due process in Libya," Kevin Carroll, the attorney representing the al-Krshiny and al-Suyid families, told Middle East Eye. The report indicated. During a ceremony that saw their Father Khalifa Haftar bearing the Marshal insignia that was given to him as a … Libya's Haftar releases detained Turkish ship, Turkey condemns seizure of vessel by Haftar's forces in Libyan waters, Booby-trapped bodies and trip-wire toys: The perils of clearing Tripoli of mines, Libya is 'world's largest theatre' for drone attacks: UN, Libya faces financial crisis amid Haftar oil blockade, PM Sarraj says, US senators slam Trump administration for failing to stop Libya's proxy war. 'We are pursuing these claims in a United States federal court because of an available US law, the Torture Victim Protection Act, and the lack of due process in Libya'. A coup plotter, a defeated soldier, a US-sponsored exiled fugitive, and now powerful rebel warlord Khalifa Haftar has had an ever-shifting position in Libya's political landscape. Libya’s Field-Marshall Khalifa Haftar – the returnee. Libya can qualify today as a failed state. In addition, Maduro finds himself increasingly cornered after the capture of one of his most trusted financiers in early June. Three months later on 16 May in Operation Dignity, Haftar began a combined air and ground assault against the pro-Islamic militias of Benghazi, as well as a sustained heavy weapons attack against the Libyan parliament. Now, weeks later and with his forces confronted by a determined resistance, Haftar’s high-stakes gamble may soon prove to be a colossal mistake, writes Toperich for The Hill. This episode in Turkey comes a few weeks after that of Venezuela where relatives of Haftar have exchanged dollars for gold bars. Khalifa Haftar is a Libyan military officer currently involved in the war to conquer Tripoli and, in turn, the entire country. He has even turned a blind eye to dissident elements of the now-demobilized Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia — FARC) and guerrillas from the National Liberation Army (Ejército de Liberación Nacional — ELN) controlling illegal mining deposits in the country. The jet is suspected of having picked up illegal gold, carrying it to Europe and then the Middle East, according to European, Libyan and US security officials who spoke to the newspaper. Khalifa Haftar, the renegade Libyan general, took many world leaders and most experts by surprise when he attacked Tripoli on April 4. Banknotes which come from the stock looted in the central bank of Benghazi in Libya, at the end of 2017. PWB is an expression of our national Libyan identity. Born in Ajdabiya in eastern Libya, Haftar was a key ally of Qaddafi when the ex-leader seized control from King Idris in a coup d'état in 1969. Another brother, Ali, was also fatally and three others were wounded. – OpEd . Share - Advertisement - Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s private plane landed in Istanbul twice in July last year. Khalifa Haftar and his two sons may be incriminated in a US federal court over the torture, deaths of Libyans in 2014 News Service 09:14 February 25, 2020 AA File photo: Khalifa Haftar In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs state that in 2014, forces under Haftar and his sons' command captured the Suyid family home in Benghazi during an offensive against the Islamic State (IS) group. Brigadier General Khalifa Haftar's son transferred large sums of money and silver from the Central Bank of Libya to unknown destinations in 2017, a new report has revealed. Saddam Haftar est connu pour vendre des ferrailles et du pétrole d’une manière illégale à la Turquie. This bank was under the authority of the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Putin’s taking over Libya by stealth in order, How to Save Libya From Itself? Haftar is a dual Libyan-US citizen. Khalifa Haftar’s emergence as a Libyan power player didn’t receive the warmest of welcomes from European leaders. It has two governments, two armies, a huge swath of land bordering the Sahel, Tunisia, Algeria, Chad, and Sudan. His forces … Hanan al-Barassi, 46, was a prominent female dissident who was often called … In the face of growing economic constraints, the shadowy Colombian businessman Álex Saab had helped Maduro’s government negotiate gold sales with Turkey, among other dealings. In 2011, when Gaddafi was ousted by rebels and later killed, Haftar returned to Libya and served as the head of the military for Libya's internationally recognised government, the Government of National Accord (GNA). Families are seeking justice and restitution from Haftar and his sons Khalid and Saddam for 2014 killings in Benghazi, Haftar is former CIA asset who US hoped could topple longtime Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi (AFP), Tripoli government suspends Libya talks after Haftar's forces shell capital's port, Libya's Khalifa Haftar accused of murder and torture in US lawsuit. Voices. Khalifa Haftar leads the self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA), an armed militias affiliated with the Tobruk government in the country's east. © Middle East Eye 2020 - all rights reserved. The next day, their bodies were discovered bearing signs of torture. Khalifa Haftar has been part of the Libyan political scene for more than four decades, shifting from the centre to the periphery and back again as … As Venezuela’s oil production has dried up, Maduro has increasingly relied on minerals like gold to keep his government afloat. According to a report by the UN expert group, this traffic had earned him 1.5 billion Turkish pounds. By one account, Khalifa Belqasim Haftar (Arabic – خليفة بلقاسم حفتر) was born on November 7, 1943, in the eastern Libyan city of Ajdabiya (اجدابيا) in the al-Wahat Governorate. Since April, his forces have laid siege to the capital and are fighting the interim government with the backing of Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Russian mercenaries. Then, over the next seven and a half hours, he was subjected to electric shocks. Haftar mother is Egyptian, Haftar has at least five sons and a daughter. After becoming commander of the Libyan National Army, Haftar has since taken over large parts of eastern Libya and remains engaged in a civil war with the UN-backed Government of National Accord. The law is aimed at perpetrators of torture who are acting under apparent government authority. The United States started looking into these reports in June, according to Reuters. ” established by Khalifa Haftar in eastern Libya. The hypothesis is widely shared in some circles in Benghazi. Protect Its Oil From, Libyan council calls for battle against ‘war. Khalifa Haftar, his son Saddam and the gold smuggler. Still according to the UN report, the contents of this bank are estimated at 640 million Libyan dinars, 160 million euros and two million dollars, plus 6,000 silver coins. Why UAE and Egypt support Haftar in Benghazi? ©Reuters/Costas Baltas In the space of a few days, rebel Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar has been pushed back from most of the fronts that were opened in the west of Libya by Turkish forces backed by Qatari finance and US logistical support. Le but étant, selon plusieurs spécialistes, de « financer et préserver l'entité politico-militaire » instaurée par Khalifa Haftar à l'Est de la Libye. Khalifa Haftar: Is He Still The Strongest Man In Libya? Economic sanctions slapped on President Maduro and other key members of his administration have hit the regime’s finances hard, forcing them to seek out other sources of cash. The goal is, according to several specialists, to “finance and preserve the politico-military entity” established by Khalifa Haftar in eastern Libya. The Libyan and US governments have tracked the private jet of Khalifa Haftar, commander of the Libyan National Army, to Venezuela, according to an exclusive Wall Street Journal report. Marshal Khalifa Haftar. Born in the Libyan city of Ajdabiya in 1943, Haftar joined Benghazi’s military academy in 1961. 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Further reports point to Haftar’s lack of human resources, evidenced by the transfer of 600 police officers from Benghazi to the front lines on September 10. The Maduro government also has been draining the gold reserves of the Venezuelan Central Bank (Banco Central de Venezuela — BCV) in exchange for oil and refinery parts from Iran. This private jet attracts the attention of “flight tracking” adepts who monitor flights in real time and trace their movements. Libya's Khalifa Haftar. A former general in Muammar Gaddafi’s army, Haftar fell out with the dictator in the 1980s and spent most of the intervening decades living in the United States. It breaks the artificial tribal, regional, ethnic divides, that have played havoc with our very existence. În acești ani, Haftar a rămas un partizan al lui al-Gaddafi care l-a numit comandantul forțelor armate ale regimului său. Many in eastern Libya believe this Turkish connection of the Haftar family is part of “business activism” to raise cash. What was Khalifa Haftar’s private plane doing in Turkey when President Erdogan and Haftar seem to be the worst enemies? Haftar was taken prisoner by the Chadians and had to be rescued by the CIA after having … Khalifa Haftar. He has since turned on Tripoli, accusing the the UN-recognised government of being a safe haven for armed groups and militias. (Feature photo: Khalifa Haftar… Ibrahim al-Krshiny, already injured in the eye from the attack on the house, was stripped naked and then beaten on the head with pipes, cables and a broomstick, according to the lawsuit. Turkey’s intervention in support of the Government of National Accord (GNA) has helped push Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) beyond Gharyan. With his self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA), he now controls large swathes of Cyrenaica and Fezzan and, since 4th April, has been engaged in the battle to capture Tripoli. As for Saddam Khalifa Haftar, this is not the first time that he has been accused of robbing a bank. The gold was then shipped to vaults in Switzerland and the Middle East. In June, the United States sanctioned five Iranian ship captains who delivered 1.5 million barrels of gasoline to Venezuela to block Iran’s energy trade and to put further pressure on Maduro, Reuters reported. Many in eastern Libya believe this Turkish connection of the Haftar family is part of “. Born in 1943, in the eastern town of Ajdabiya, Haftar was one of the officers led by Colonel Gaddafi in the 1969 coup which deposed King … Money stolen from a central bank in Benghazi found in France. Saddam Haftar is known to illegally sell scrap metal and oil to Turkey. The sons of the renegade General, Khalifa Haftar, Saddam (Photo L) and Khalid, received military ranks despite being civilian individuals without any prior involvement in military academies or institutions. Haftar rose to the rank of colonel under Muammar Gaddafi after he helped the ambitious young army man launch a bloodless coup against King Idris in 1969. He was helped by members of the Libyan National Army (ANL) under high security protection. Reports say Haftar’s associates flew on multiple occasions to the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, according to flight-tracking information cited in the Wall Street Journal. Reliable sources had then argued that the looting of this bank was the work of Khalifa Haftar’s son, which a report by the UN group of experts confirmed in September 2018. Families are seeking justice and restitution from Haftar and his sons Khalid and Saddam for 2014 killings in Benghazi. Khalifa Haftar challenged in Virginia by relatives of military leader’s alleged victims Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor Fri 4 Sep 2020 07.57 EDT Last modified on Fri 4 Sep 2020 14.36 EDT At the time, the city center where the establishment is located had been taken from the Islamists by the forces of Khalifa Haftar. CAIRO (Sputnik) - The Libyan National Army led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar has decided to reorganize its command structure amid the retreat of its forces from a number of positions in the course of the confrontation with the UN-backed Government of National Accord, the Army's spokesman Major General Ahmad al … Haftar's family, including his sons Khalid and Saddam, settled in northern Virginia, where they reportedly bought a total of 17 properties. This bank was under the authority of the Deputy Minister of the Interior, Faraj Gaim, imprisoned by Khalifa Haftar’s forces shortly before the looting. During the administration of Ronald Reagan, Haftar was a CIA asset who Washington hoped could help topple longtime Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. In the east, his authority is fragile, with reports of factional bickeringbetween LNA units. (ANSAmed) - CAIRO, 11 NOV - A female activist who criticised General Khalifa Haftar and had allegedly planned to release a video accusing his son Saddam of corruption was shot on a busy street in Libya's eastern city of Benghazi on Tuesday. According to this report, Saddam Khalifa Haftar, who heads the 106 Brigade of the Libyan National Army, ordered the transfer of this money to an unknown location. Haftar turned on the Libyan leader in 1987, but an attempted coup never came to fruition, and he and his allies eventually came to the US for protection. Two other sons, Uqba Haftar, who works in real estate, and Al-Muntasir Haftar as well as his daughter Asma Haftar live in Virginia in the United States. The allegations of the dollars-for-gold trade with Haftar follows a pattern of Maduro’s regime selling gold to players in the Middle East. In May, Adel El Zabayar, a former Venezuelan congressman, was indicted in the United States for reportedly acting as a go-between for Maduro and groups in the Middle East, such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Captain Saddam Haftar and Captain Khalid Haftar are officers in the Libyan National Army, while Al-Sadiq Haftar is also in Libya. Somali. The ANL’s banking deals go through Khaled and Saddam Haftar’s accounts through Emirati banks. These disturbing connections of those close to Haftar are not limited to Turkey. Saddam Haftar is known to illegally sell scrap metal and oil to Turkey. This private jet attracts the attention of “, The goal is, according to several specialists, to “, finance and preserve the politico-military entity. By axadle On Oct 10, 2020. A Libyan militia commander allegedly trading US dollars for Venezuelan gold adds to mounting evidence that President Nicolás Maduro now welcomes all buyers in his effort to sell off the country’s reserves of the precious metal. Haftar’s sons stole the money reserved at the Central Bank of Libya's branch in Benghazi in 2017, while the governor in eastern region Ali Al-Hibri covered it up by claiming the … Only England And Wales jurisdiction apply in all legal matters. "Khalifa Haftar’s banking deals go through Khaled and Saddam Haftar’s accounts through Emirati banks, according to the report." A military source revealed that Saddam, the son of General Khalifa Haftar, had appeared in a military ceremony, in Jordan some time about two days ago, and was awarded the military rank of Captain. The investigation into Haftar’s alleged bartering of US dollars for illegal gold adds to the already complex links between Venezuela and powerful actors in the Middle East. As the pressure mounts on Maduro, it would come as little surprise to see his government working with other US-defined bad actors in the Middle East like Haftar to secure much-needed funds. The illicit gold has created a criminal pipeline for funds that have proven critical to his government’s survival amid continued sanctions. Belgasim Omer", a combination of the names of Haftar's sons Saddam and Belgasim, according to a public database of horse ownership. Khalifa Haftar’s son had even met the Turkish intelligence chief before the May 2019 offensive launched to seize Tripoli. Khalifa Haftar’s private plane landed in Istanbul twice last July. Haftar was previously a high-ranking member of Libya’s military under the leadership of Muammar Gaddafi, the late Libyan leader who was captured and killed in 2011. Khalifa Haftar (Wikipedia)Little is known about this officer who assisted Muammar Gaddafi in 1969 to topple the Sanussi monarchy. Two days later, other forces under Haftar's command attacked the Krshiny home, killing two family members. The moldy money circulating in France and Germany therefore most likely originated from the central bank of Benghazi. The sources told Al-Araby Al-Jadeed that giving this rank to Saddam, in the ceremony of graduating a military group affiliated with Haftar… Haftar fits the bill as a prospective trading partner: He is currently fighting the UN-backed government in Libya, and he is supported by Russia and the United Arab Emirates, which have also helped Venezuela sidestep US sanctions by buying its oil and gold. Generalul Khalifa Haftar a fost unul dintre ofițerii conduși de colonelul Muammar al-Gaddafi în organizarea loviturii de stat care a dus la îndepărtarea regelui Idris de la conducerea Libiei în anul 1969. Haftar led an unsuccessful campaign to seize the capital Tripoli from Libya's United Nations-supported Government of National Accord (GNA) since last year. Libyan Militia Leader Ideal Client for Venezuela’s Gold-for-Dollars Deals. The al-Owaynat mountain range, located on the border with Sudan and Egypt, forms a huge deposit. While Moscow stepped up its effort to help Haftar … The horse's registered name is "Saddam Kh. Dr. Jacques Neriah web posted March 9, 2020. A French couple was arrested in early October in Limoges with 20,000 euros in moldy banknotes in their possession. The Falcon 900 also landed during the same period in Abu Dhabi and then at the private Emirati airport of Al Batine, reserved for businessmen. Usually this aircraft is used by Khalifa Haftar, but more and more frequently it is used by his relatives for trafficking and money laundering. Khalifa Haftar’s son had even met the Turkish intelligence chief before the May 2019 offensive launched to seize Tripoli. Libyan gold would also be sold through Saddam Haftar to the Emirates for weapons, mercenaries and dollars. Khalifa Haftar is the head of eastern Libya's Libyan National Army. According to a report by the UN expert group, this traffic had earned him 1.5 billion Turkish pounds. A Libyan woman hits a portrait of Khalifa Haftar with a shoe during a demonstration in Tripoli's Martyrs Square on April 19. It is mostly the sons of Haftar, Khaled, Saddam, Al Siddik and a handful of nearby officers who use the Falcon to carry out their business. 1 Opinion . LT provides a space for calm, sober and rational thinking that seeks to arrive at the truth and take the democratic process forward in Libya. When Adel Salam al-Suyid, and his son, Ibrahim, rushed home to rescue other family members, they were captured and kidnapped. Khalifa Haftar has a checkered history in Libya, where he went from Gadhafi loyalist to US-backed enemy of the regime. His brother Mustafa's body was found days later, his hands tied behind his back and bullet holes in his head and chest. At the end of 2017, downtown Benghazi was still deserted, water was flowing in the streets including the one where the central bank was located. United Nations-sponsored talks between the factions resumed in Geneva on Tuesday, a day after the European Union agreed to launch a new mission in the Mediterranean Sea to enforce a UN arms embargo on Libya that is routinely flouted. Khalifa Haftar has his power-base in the east of the country Image caption: Khalifa Haftar has his power-base in the east of the country. May 17, 2019 May 17, 2019 Miral Sabry Al Ashry 3 Comments. Who is Khalifa Haftar? Six brothers from the family were taken prisoner and accused of being members of IS. He already did it in Tripoli in 2011, where he was slightly injured. (ret.) "We are confident the plaintiffs will succeed and are hopeful that they receive financial damages," Carroll said. Mahmud Turkia / AFP - Getty Images file. Prior to being recruited to US intelligence, he was an aide to Gaddafi.