"},"empty":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"Enter your email to log in. Camion acroșat de un tir 16 octombrie 2018 16 octombrie 2018 Redacția Replica 0 Comments. Accident în județul Galați: Pieton lovit de maşină / Trafic blocat. The A1 has reopened in Northumberland after a major crash on Sunday evening. "},"incorrect_number":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"The card number is incorrect. The A1 has been closed in both directions following a crash involving four cars. Un TIR a spulberat un camion. "},"success":{"instruction_type":"normal","instruction_message":"Enter your credit card details here. "},"expired_card":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"The card has expired. The A1 is closed in both directions this morning following a crash involving two lorries. For most of the day, an accident that happened at 10:00 at J44 of the A1(M) has been causing extensive travel problems. This is due to the road being a popular truck route flowing from Bedford via the A421 and joining the A1 at this small interchange. "},"incomplete_cvc":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"The card's security code is incomplete. Accident Free, Clean Carfax, Navigation, Panoramic Sunroof, Heated Seat, Power Seat, Air Condition, and Much More!!! ***Multi-point inspection*** Financing -We can get you approved for car loan with the interest rates as low as 3.99% and $0 down up to 96 months open loan (O.A.C). The Welsh government's traffic information service for Wales. Vineri dimineață, șoferul unui autoturism a fost accidentat mortal pe A1 Bucureşti-Piteşti, după ce a coborât din maşină, fiind lovit de un autocamion. ","login_button_text":"Log in","login_form_has_an_error":"Please check and fix the errors above","uppercase_search":"Search","lowercase_search":"search","uppercase_page":"Page","lowercase_page":"page","uppercase_items":"Items","lowercase_items":"items","uppercase_per":"Per","lowercase_per":"per","uppercase_of":"Of","lowercase_of":"of","back":"Back to plans","zip_code_placeholder":"Zip\/Postal Code","download_file_button_text":"Download File","input_field_instructions":{"tip_amount":{"placeholder_text":"Soutenez le site ACTUPenit.com et les Forces de l'Ordre","initial":{"instruction_type":"normal","instruction_message":"Soutenez le site ACTUPenit.com et les Forces de l'Ordre"},"empty":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"Soutenez le site ACTUPenit.com et les Forces de l'Ordre"},"invalid_curency":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"Soutenez le site ACTUPenit.com et les Forces de l'Ordre"}},"recurring":{"placeholder_text":"Recurring","initial":{"instruction_type":"normal","instruction_message":"\u24f5 One time only = 1 fois \u24f6 Every week = 1X\/semaine \u24f7 Every month = 1X\/mois \u24f8 Every year = 1X\/an"},"success":{"instruction_type":"success","instruction_message":"\u24f5 One time only = 1 fois \u24f6 Every week = 1X\/semaine \u24f7 Every month = 1X\/mois \u24f8 Every year = 1X\/an"},"empty":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"\u24f5 One time only = 1 fois \u24f6 Every week = 1X\/semaine \u24f7 Every month = 1X\/mois \u24f8 Every year = 1X\/an"}},"name":{"placeholder_text":"Name on Credit Card","initial":{"instruction_type":"normal","instruction_message":"Enter the name on your card. "},"invalid_sofort_country":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"The billing country is not accepted by SOFORT. Time to clear: The event is expected to clear between 11:15 and 11:30 on 12 Dec 2020. În urma accidentului o persoană a fost rănită. 21:16. Christy Bailey. Please try again. "},"invalid_cvc":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"The card's security code is invalid. Accident grav pe autostrada București-Pitești. Un autoturism marca Ford în care se aflau trei persoane a fost strivit de un camion, sâmbătă dimineaţă, în comuna vasluiană Muntenii de Sus. În urma impactului, șoferul, un bărbat de 58 de ani, a murit, iar soția și cumnata sa au fost rănite. Please try again. ","arrangement_action_cancel_double":"Are you sure you'd like to cancel? "},"blank":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"Enter your email to log in. "},"empty":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"Please enter the name on your card. "},"success":{"instruction_type":"success","instruction_message":"Enter your email to log in. 6th October 2019 at 1:17 pm. Reply. A izbit doi stâlpi de pe sensul opus și s-a răsturnat. The A1 Great North Road has been shut southbound from the Rutland Water turn-off to the junction with the … Lane closures: Lane one is closed. Centrul INFOTRAFIC din Inspectoratul General al Poliţiei Române informează că pe Autostrada A1 Sibiu – Deva, între kilometrii 256 şi 257, la ieşirea din mun. The accident happened at around 2.30pm on the southbound carriageway (Thursday, June 6). M2 closed: Traffic diversion route as serious accident shuts down motorway for morning rush hour . We've been forced to remove features such as traffic flow, road closures etc due to Google's new extortionate pricing.So that we can bring them back to you, and to gauge interest. "}}}},"fetched_oembed_html":false}, {"date_format":"d\/m\/Y","time_format":"H:i","wordpress_permalink_only":"https:\/\/actupenit.com\/2019\/11\/27\/camion-fou-sur-lautoroute-a1-une-nouvelle-video-choc-de-laccident-vue-de-face\/","all_default_visual_states":"inherit","modal_visual_state":false,"user_is_logged_in":false,"stripe_api_key":"pk_live_51DmnOxBVWFOguXjKawypzJFiruqLmIrZbeqNPUir2EkY122KAeN7M5Vb27PJaPqH9UqqQON2gdLG7WPSijaVC5Ck00NcAIv14q","stripe_account_country_code":"FR","setup_link":"https:\/\/actupenit.com\/wp-admin\/admin.php?page=tip-jar-wp&mpwpadmin1=welcome&mpwpadmin_lightbox=do_wizard_health_check","close_button_url":"https:\/\/actupenit.com\/wp-content\/plugins\/tip-jar-wp\/\/assets\/images\/closebtn.png"}, {"id":null,"mode":"button","open_style":"in_place","currency_code":"EUR","currency_symbol":"\u20ac","currency_type":"decimal","blank_flag_url":"https:\/\/actupenit.com\/wp-content\/plugins\/tip-jar-wp\/\/assets\/images\/flags\/blank.gif","flag_sprite_url":"https:\/\/actupenit.com\/wp-content\/plugins\/tip-jar-wp\/\/assets\/images\/flags\/flags.png","default_amount":500,"top_media_type":"featured_image","featured_image_url":"https:\/\/actupenit.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2020\/12\/Forces-de-lOrdre-Logo2-e1606985365187-200x200.gif","featured_embed":"","header_media":null,"file_download_attachment_data":null,"recurring_options_enabled":true,"recurring_options":{"never":{"selected":true,"after_output":"One time only"},"weekly":{"selected":false,"after_output":"Every week"},"monthly":{"selected":false,"after_output":"Every month"},"yearly":{"selected":false,"after_output":"Every year"}},"strings":{"current_user_email":"","current_user_name":"","link_text":"FAIRE UN DON : Soutien aux Forces de l'Ordre","complete_payment_button_error_text":"Check info and try again","payment_verb":"Faire un don","payment_request_label":"ACTUPenit.com","form_has_an_error":"Please check and fix the errors above","general_server_error":"Something isn't working right at the moment. "},"invalid_request_error":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"Unable to process this payment, please try again or use alternative method. The A1 northbound remains closed between Junction 17 at Haddon and the A6118 near Wansford. "},"blank":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"Enter your email to log in. Live traffic conditions and news for Scotland's road network. Please try again. Stacey Neil Edwards. The A1 old road in the East of England, near Peterborough, is heavily subjected to gap junctions. "},"incomplete_expiry":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"The card's expiration date is incomplete. "},"invalid_expiry_year_past":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"The card's expiration year is in the past"},"card_declined":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"The card was declined. O persoană a murit după impactul dintre un TIR și o autoutilitară . Victima a ajuns la spital. "},"empty":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"Check your email and enter the login code. Reply. Please remember that it is against the law to use your mobile phone without a hands-free kit whilst driving.If you're caught by the police driving whilst using a hand-held phone you'll get an automatic fixed penalty notice, 6 points on your licence and a fine of £200.A court could also disqualify you from driving. "},"processing_error":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"An error occurred while processing the card. Circulație îngreunată pe autostrada A1 Km 434+000, în apropiere de nodul rutier Margina, pe sensul spre Deva. "},"checked":{"instruction_type":"success","instruction_message":"I agree to the terms. Huge queues! Comme le relate Europe1, le procureur de Senlis a expliqué, « Le chauffeur est spontanément sorti de son camion en levant les mains et en ayant un discours qui laisse à penser qu’il n’avait plus forcément toute sa tête ». "},"incomplete_zip":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"The card's zip code is incomplete. "},"invalid_number":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"The card number is not a valid credit card number. Advertise to millions of motorists, holidaymakers and commuters. The closure is from the A607 Harlaxton / Melton Mowbray turn off, Grantham to the A52 Barrowby Road - … "}},"privacy_policy":{"terms_title":"Terms and conditions","terms_body":null,"terms_show_text":"View Terms","terms_hide_text":"Hide Terms","initial":{"instruction_type":"normal","instruction_message":"I agree to the terms. Emergency services were called to the scene near Belford at around 6.15pm on Sunday.. Christy Bailey. Un microbuz a acroșat un TIR, apoi a ricoșat în parapetul median. Pitești: Lovită de mașină pe trecerea pentru pietoni. 9th June 2019 at 4:43 pm. Get live email alerts whenever there is a traffic incident or roadworks on the roads you travel that may cause congestion or jams. "},"success":{"instruction_type":"normal","instruction_message":"Enter your credit card details here. 6th October 2019 at 1:17 pm. Police, ambulance and fire crews were called out at around 2.45pm on Monday following a crash between a tractor towing a hay baler and four cars on the A1 southbound at Shilbottle. "},"blank":{"instruction_type":"error","instruction_message":"Check your email and enter the login code. Chatham man arrested over fatal Sittingbourne crash as M2 reopens after 11 hours. Except where otherwise noted, content and photographs on this site are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.Owned, operated and copyright CliqTo Ltd 2020 and Chris Haycock. ","sca_auth_verb":"Authorize renewal payment","sca_authing_verb":"Authorizing payment","sca_authed_verb":"Payment successfully authorized! Sibiu, jud. The accident took place between the A606 for Stamford, and the A607 for Harlaxton.