The tours I’ve seen are so expensive! At the top of the pass, sits the abandoned gold mine, Old Independence mine, and a bunch of cute cabins that are great photo-ops. Hello, you know the highest peak in North America is here right? By the end of the post I’ll be showing you how you can see Alaska on a shoestring budget of $62 a day. An amazing hostel property near Denali National Park is the Denali Mountain Morning Hostel – where you can book a dorm bed, or a private room by the stream in their backyard. If you love pizza, or American casual food then you can pretty much get a quick bite in any small town on your trip. L’hiver en Alaska est très rude, il est difficile de visiter à cette période de l’année notamment car les parcs sont fermés et les routes dangereuses. Hatcher pass is sort of an underdog among Alaska destinations, but it is a great pit stop on the way to Denali or Matanuska, and if you reach it on a clear day it can give you jaw-dropping views of the Chugach and the Alaska mountain ranges. By typing in the search input you can query all of the articles available on the site and get instant and relevant results from the first keystroke. It is so hard to find travel blogs with useful info on traveling Alaska! Cycling can be a cheap way to get around the state, albeit a slower way. Yup, that would be Denali. Several companies offer ice climbing tours that you can expect to pay over $100 per person, per day. wer fairbanks is the final destination. from ancchorage to fairbanks. Violent crime has always been high here but seems to be elevating at a staggering level. The 6-hour cruise around the national park takes you close to the glaciers where you may be able to see an iceberg cracking out of a glacier. Cost includes your pickup point on the other side of the bay. Check out Alaska hotels, lodges and more at Visiting Virgin Creek Falls In Girdwood, Alaska, Juneau Travel Guide + 19 Things To Do In Juneau, Homer Travel Guide + 14 Things To Do In Homer, Girdwood Travel Guide + 5 Things To Do In Girdwood, Alaska, Anchorage Travel Guide + 20 Things To Do In Anchorage, Fairbanks Travel Guide + 12 Things To Do In Fairbanks, Seward Travel Guide + 9 Things To Do In Seward, The Best Places To See The Northern Lights in Alaska, 10 Off The Beaten Path Destinations For 2020, The Surreality of the Underbelly: The Mendenhall Cave, Inside a Glacier, Free places to Ski & Snowboard Near Anchorage, Eating My Way Across The Alaska State Fair, Click Here For $20 off your first booking with Airbnb, Winter: Winter will usually last from mid to late October until mid-March. Driving to Alaska is officially the ultimate road trip. In larger towns and cities there are clothing, hunting and outdoor gear shops so anything you forgot or is missing from your kit can be purchased in Alaska if need be. Most are free (may have a parking fee for use of car lots). Like to have a book in hand? A family of four with reasonable airline tickets and a rented motorhome (and a sense of adventure!) Here are a few different lists to help you figure out what to bring. Depending on where you’re going and what your plans are there may be no restaurants in your path anyway. The weather can and will kill you. its going to be for 5 days. Thanks for all the tips here! The earliest I’ve seen them is late Augusta and the latest in early May. Read: How Much Does It Cost To Travel Alaska. You will find stop-and-shoot Instagram-worthy shots almost anywhere in this road trip, so be on the look-out and pull over your car when you see it. Note that Alaska does have an extremely high rate of violent crime and sexual assaults, abuse, and violence. Check out the, Leggings (pro-tip- bring one pair of fleece lined leggings), A variety of socks (think for everyday, hiking, warmer wool socks), Bikini or swim shorts (in case you end up at a hot spring or a hotel with a pool). Alaska has quite a collection of wood cabins and resorts that can be expensive - so I would recommend staying at hostels, Airbnbs, and pit-stop hotels in small towns. Happy anniversary, I hope you guys have a wonderful trip here! Bears, Moose, Dall Sheep, Caribou, Musk Ox… the list goes on. Take two full days to explore the park all the way to the last bus stop – Wonder Lake. Check out these books with information on Alaska hikes. Before the trip, I had preconceptions of Alaska that changed after our trip. best places to see the northern lights in Alaska, free places to ski & snowboard near Anchorage, The Best Places To See The Aurora In Alaska, Click here to find out how you can get a Denali Road Lottery Permit, wildlife viewing cruise for the best experience in Kenai Fjords National Park, click here to view the full list of Alaska’s State Parks, The Best Places To See The Northern Lights In Alaska, The Northern Lights Guide, 9 Tips For Viewing The Aurora, The Ultimate Alaska Road Trip Itinerary 1-4 Weeks, Anchorage to Fairbanks Highlights Road Trip, Alaska flightseeing tours in various parts of the state, Shop wildlife viewing tours from around the state, Visit Spencer Glacier On The Whistle Stop Train, Anchorage To Fairbanks Road Trip: One Week In Alaska, Kayaker’s Cove: My Favorite Escape From Seward, The Best Way To Explore Kenai Fjords National Park: Major Marine Tours, What to Pack for Alaska, Written by a Local, Denali National Park Travel Guide + 14 Things To Do In Denali, The Rabbit Lakes Hike In Anchorage, Alaska, The Reed Lakes Hike In Hatcher Pass, Alaska. It’s helped us immensely in planning our dream trip to Alaska without busting our budget! It’s hard track down useful blogs that cover Alaska. Other great ways to see glaciers are by longer hikes, flightseeing & helicopter tours. Check out my ‘How to Shoot the Aurora‘ series. Alaska – fondly known as ‘The Last Frontier’ is the largest of all states in USA – it is so huge that the entire state of Massachusetts can fit in one national park in Alaska, the Denali National Park. Check out this list of Alaska’s roadside glaciers. ... Order the Great Alaskan TourSaver book well in advance of your trip. Most likely you’ll be tired after your flight – so you can acclimatize in Anchorage for a day/night and then head north towards Denali. Note that the following seasons are according to what’s to be expected in the southcentral part of the state. Go at your own risk and if you’re unsure hire a guide. You can start your road trip by renting a car from Anchorage airport - just bring an international credit card and an International Driving Permit (Indian license works with a passport too), and pay about $20-$30 per day for a decent economy car for your trip. First, I thought Alaska would all be mostly unpopulated barren country. Don’t hesitate to ask on here or e-mail me if you have more questions or need any help. Another option is by train, which you guessed it, can be expensive but a great option for sightseeing but often times is the same or even more expensive than the price of roundtrip airfare. That right there is why an Alaska road trip is the best budget friendly vacation you can have in the United States. Kayaker’s Cove near Seward, Alaska. Your budget for an RV trip to Alaska will vary as much as any budget. Required fields are marked *. I was born, raised, and still live in Alaska. The ballpark figure for Alaska travel cost is $200-$300 per person per day. Alaska is known for its world-class fishing. I hope you have an amazing time in Alaska! Bird's eye view of the Bay and Mountains near Seward. YES- It’s bigger than Texas, so leave your ‘Don’t mess with Texas’ shirt at home. As I mentioned earlier, try visiting in early summer for the best pictures and find this beautiful state all to yourself! Foraker, one of Denali’s neighbors, and is basically to Denali what K2 is to Everest. Here are 16 Day Hikes To Try Near Anchorage. But not to worry, that’s where I come in. If you’re looking to do some off the beaten path 4×4 drives, or up the Dalton Hwy check out Alaska has countless opportunities for road trips! 2021 SUMMER BOOKINGS – FLEXIBLE TERMS Flexible booking terms are available for travel dates between May 15 and September 15, 2021! Hiking the Matanuska glacier gives you the same larger-than-life feels that looking at the Mt. Use code ‘ADVENTURESOFNICOLE’ for 20% off at checkout, Login Logout Entries Feed Privacy Policy & Disclaimer. But, for this one, I had to make an exception - the bird-eye view of the beautiful glaciers and the peaks just cannot be matched from the ground. Shop different cultural tours. There are endless activities to get out and explore in Alaska. Me and an old girlfriend are meeting in Washington for a cries to Alaska and then once to Anchorage we wanted to spend some time traveling around, and hopefully to Denali. Definitely you can save some $$$ by camping and cooking meals, especially if you already have all the gear! There are many ways to enjoy the Denali – you can get glimpses of it from the park bus ride, or splurge on a helicopter ride that takes you close to the peak, or better yet go for the free option of taking satisfying shots of it a few miles south of the park entrance – you will not miss it on the west on a clear day! Popular destinations in Alaska Prices are based on round trip travel and hotel stay per traveler. Always make lots of noise when in the wilderness to help ward off animals, they are usually more scared of you than you are of them and it is always advisable to go as a group or at least with a buddy. The only public transport in existence is within cities, and even that is limited. Kayaking tours are offered and usually average in the $100+ range per person, but renting kayaks and going on your own is possible for a lot less (not recommended for inexperienced kayakers). You can also read about and see photos from my trips to Mendenhall Glacier, Byron Glacier, and Spencer Glacier. I live here and sometimes some info can be difficult to find! Homer is an easy drive (one day) from Anchorage.Forget about the Alaska Marine Hwy as they no longer go to Seward.You must go to Whittier to catch the ferry to Valdez.As for driving north of Copper Center, we drove down from Fairbanks in August, an easy day's drive.. Water taxi in Homer should cost $75 each. Clearly, you can go higher or lower. Your email address will not be published. Good websites to check out for hiking trail information are, Alaska Hike Search, and All Trails. L’intérieur de l’Alaska, c’est avant toute chose – et à l’image de l’Etat – des distances immenses. We are a family of four planning a trip to Alaska next summer. Some tours include landings on glaciers, lakes, etc. Just a couple of comments. Denali, meaning ‘The big one’ which at 20,310ft is North America’s highest peak. Shop wildlife viewing tours from around the state. Shop various Alaskan glacier cruises. To give you a rough idea for planning here are some general costs in November 2020: *Travel tip: many credit and debit cards have rental car insurance coverage. I can’t wait to set my feet on Alaska. The online version is quite good, we suggest using a VPN when connecting while traveling, but also highly recommend picking up a hard copy to keep in the car (and as a souvenir).. Shop guided ice climbing tours around Alaska. Designed for a lower budget, this self drive tour features two popular National Parks, Kenai Fjords and Denali. I am a little confused. Hiring a guided tour can prove costly, some costing $400 per day. Some posts on the Adventures of Nicole contain affiliate links to various products & services, meaning I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you click or book via some of these links. There are a few companies offering tourists their chance to mush a dog sled, shop different dog mushing tours. Check out our most popular sample 7-day Alaska itinerary. Pour l’assurance du véhicule, préparez-vous à payer plus cher si le conducteur à moins de 25 ans et pour tous les non-résidents américains une frais de $25 par jour sera ajouté à votre note (ouch ! you are taking your life into your own hands. These can range from free to thousands of dollars. Plus, it’s a huge piece of land- 663,300 square mi (1,710,000 km), the biggest state in the USA, and roughly about 1/5 the size of the ‘lower 48′ states combined, therefore, making the temperatures and weather vary widely. Hi Janet, Hope you two girls knock off all you Alaska bucket-list items! En quittant la région du centre-sud, à un peu plus de 2h de route d’Anchorage, se trouve Talkeetna, véritable point de départ à une exploration de l’intérieur de l’Alaska. The Milepost. This is a search menu. Very little of the landmass is reachable by road, in fact, 82% of Alaska’s communities are not on the road system, making the use of boats and planes both commonly used modes of transportation to many places in the state. Travelers looking to take the scenic route had best be ready for the journey of a lifetime. *Glaciers can be a dangerous and treacherous place. Budget For RV Trip To Alaska. Shoot questions, and follow my travels and on and Instagram @nomadsahil as I catch the rest of world in my lens. Hope you guys have a great trip next summer 🙂. We made the 3,700+ mile drive to Alaska from Wisconsin and it’s one of our favorite road trips we’ve ever done. Yes, it’s possible (although mostly limited to summer months) to forage for some of your own food, most commonly berry picking. Budget Tip 7: Modern Amenities Are Available In Alaska. Bons voyages ;) Et, pendant ce temps, nos parents s’inquiètent… un peu :) Tous mes articles sur les Etats-Unis / Tous les road … We spent two full months exploring Alaska, plus a couple additional weeks traversing western Canada en route. Don’t worry, wildlife doesn’t charge a fee themselves and with a little luck can even be viewed while keeping your eyes peeled during long road trips. The first step of visa is to fill and submit the DS-160 form, and then schedule a visa interview appointment at one of the consulates here. L’intérieur de l’Alaska, le gigantisme. You can die or be injured doing any of these activities. Have a fun cruise and trip up here. I’m not going to go into too much detail here or list every single one, however, you can head over to the US Brewery Guide for a list of breweries in Alaska. Your email address will not be published. With an estimated 100,000 glaciers (only 616 have actual names) around the state, you have endless opportunities to get out and enjoy at least one. If you are experienced you can go into the backcountry without a guide, at your own risk. Alaska has a number of easily accessed glaciers that you can almost drive a car right up to view. Updated November 2020, How to Travel Alaska on a Budget was originally written in April 2017. Headed to Anchorage? Having avalanche training is extremely advisable as well as a shovel, beacon, and probe and of course knowledge of how to use them. On Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays check out the similar Tanana Valley Farmer’s Market in Fairbanks at 2600 College Rd. For Thai food, make a quick detour near Talkeetna at the Payo’s Thai Kitchen – run by a friendly old couple that makes great fried rice. Check out the Bomber Traverse Trek. Just start with day 1 and follow it for as many days as you have in Anchorage. Want to know an awesome place to head for kayak-lovers? Whether you want to fly fish from the bank of one of our famous rivers or charter a boat to catch some delicious wild halibut in the open ocean, Alaska has it all! If, as this Alaska trip plan proposes, you decide to travel Alaska on your own (without a guide), you won’t need a rental car until the morning on Day 3. Glad to have helped, I feel you.. Start with visiting Hatcher Pass, and Matanuska Glacier on the way, before making a night stop at an Airbnb in Talkeetna. Glad to hear it helped you plan your trip Brigitte. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Alaska has some damn good food, especially when it comes to seafood. One of the biggest perks of doing an Alaska road trip is the chance to see wild animals like moose, bears, Dall sheep, mountain goats, wolves, and even caribou or … Shop different aurora borealis tours around Alaska. Here a couple of books to check out: What you bring with you can vary wildly depending on the season, areas you visit and what activities you choose to do. Much of Alaska is unpopulated barren country, but the areas we visited had many more towns than I had expected. The best time to visit is heavily dependent on what activities you want to partake in and what kind of temperatures you like. The Ultimate Alaska Itinerary. Although, if you’re planning to see Northern Lights in winter, then you can fly in to city of Fairbanks – there are fewer airlines to choose from. It can be challenging but it is an option for those really looking to live off the land and save money. I’m planning a trip for August this year, thank you for this! Natural disasters and forces of nature can and will kill you in Alaska. Environ $280/par nuit avec kilométrage illimité (les prix sont plus élevés pendant la haute saison). I have been so fascinated by photos of their sceneries, so my boyfriend told me that he wants to take me there. Your best budget option for eating is to stop by a grocery store and stock up on your own food and supplies. If you think of any questions don’t hesitate to comment again or shoot me a message 🙂. The $200 per head spent on this tour was worth it – as I think I snapped almost 200 beautiful landscape shots in a half an hour trip. Budget Tricks & Tips Money & Costs Best Time To Visit Getting To Alaska Cities & Towns National & State Parks Getting Around In Alaska Accommodation Activities Food Packing List Safety. Our own trip to Alaska When you land, you’ll be standing on top of an 80ft glacier with about 10ft of fresh snow right under your feet, and will toast your eyes on 360 degree views of untouched snow. A great way to view Alaska’s glaciers from the comfort of a ship. Shop for outdoor and ski gear here. As a part-time traveler, I have travelled across USA for last 7 years, and enjoyed road-tripping 5k-10k miles every year to the national parks in this beautiful country. If you trust the guidebooks, the best time to visit Alaska is in summer months of July-August, but be ready for sky-high prices and hordes of tourists! Visit in early summer for jaw-dropping snow-capped peaks in every photo of your trip and visit in October-March for mind-boggling shots of Northern Lights that are best viewed in Fairbanks.

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