Pegasus, a spyware produced by the NSO Group, an Israeli technology company, has been spying on Indian journalists, activists and lawyers through WhatsApp. Proceeds from the loan were used to fund the company’s buyout by private equity firm Novalpina Capital Group and NSO executives. © 2008-2018 Mixed Bag Media Pvt. [58] The firm has two systems, where one operates by connecting to the local telecommunications companies’ infrastructure of the purchasing country. Recently, journalist David Ignatius disclosed that, in fact, NSO Group has restricted its Saudi client’s use of Pegasus after an internal investigation determined that its spyware was not … Defendants subsequently complained that WhatsApp had closed the vulnerability. Early versions of Pegasus were used to surveil the phone of Joaquín Guzmán, known as El Chapo. Between 2014 and 2019, a San Francisco-based private equity firm, Francisco Partners Management LLC, acquired a controlling stake in the NSO Group for $120 million. Lavie also co-founded Kaymera, a company that creates super-secure phones for government officials. The other separate system, known as the “Circles Cloud”, is capable of interconnecting with telecommunications country across the globe. [59] [60]. After CEO Dick Costolo, Twitter’s M&A Head Rishi Garg Quits, Gujarat HC Gives Livestreaming Court Proceedings A Shot. This is the entire basis of the trial brought by Abdulaziz against NSO Group. "[23][24], On February 14, 2019, Francisco Partners sold a 60% majority stake of NSO back to co-founders Shalev Hulio and Omri Lavie, who were supported in the purchase by Novalpina Capital. “If so, by which date. In 2011, Mexican president Felipe Calderón reportedly called NSO to thank the company for its role in Guzmán's capture. In 2016, the NSO Group used Pegasus to exploit three unpatched iOS vulnerabilities. [44][45] According to their analysis, the software can jailbreak an iPhone when a malicious URL is opened, a form of attack known as spear phishing. Pegasus is a malware that NSO Group developed, which, when installed on a phone, hoovers all communications (iMessage, WhatsApp, Gmail, Viber, Facebook, Skype) and locations. Pegasus carries a high price tag averaging at over $25,000 per target. “Unlike NSO Group’s Pegasus spyware, the SS7 mechanism by which Circles’ product reportedly operates does not have an obvious signature on a target’s phone,” explained the report. [27], In May 2019, messaging service WhatsApp alleged that a spyware injection exploit targeting its calling feature was developed by NSO. Over 100 cases of abusive targeting of human rights defenders and journalists have been identified in at least 20 countries across the globe. [39] NSO Group markets Pegasus as providing "unlimited access to target's mobile devices", allowing clients to "remotely and covertly collect information about your target's relationships, location, phone calls, plans and activities – whenever and wherever they are". [7][43], Analysis by Citizen Lab and Lookout discovered that the link downloaded software to exploit three previously unknown and unpatched zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS. The rights group claimed that the journalist was targeted three times and spied after his device was infected with an NSO tool. WhatsApp and Facebook closed the vulnerability, contacted law enforcement, and advised users to update the WhatsApp app. ", "Everything We Know About NSO Group: The Professional Spies Who Hacked iPhones With A Single Text", "Activists and journalists in Mexico complain of government spying", "Government Hackers Caught Using Unprecedented iPhone Spy Tool", "Who is spying on Indians? At least in one case, the surveillance was authorized by a judge. ***Update (November 1, 2019 11 am): This article was updated with more details about what Pegasus can do, a video explaining the case, and with a digital copy of Pegasus’s product description from the lawsuit. While the Moroccan authorities are ultimately responsible for the unlawful targeting of activists and journalists like Omar Radi, NSO Group contributed to these abuses by keeping the government on as an active customer until at least January 2020. "[31] NSO denied involvement in selecting or targeting victims, but did not explicitly deny creating the exploit. According to Raphael Satter's January 25 article, Citizen Lab "has drawn attention for its repeated exposés of NSO Group", whose "wares have been used by governments to target journalists in Mexico, opposition figures in Panama and human rights activists in the Middle East". So NSO Group and Kaymera offer complementary products. According to its website, NSO Group, which also goes by Q Cyber Technologies, develops technology to “help government agencies detect and prevent terrorism and crime”. WhatsApp is suing an Israeli spyware company, US FTC orders Amazon, Facebook, 7 other tech companies to tell how they process user data, Facebook to introduce AI-based article summary feature called TLDR soon: Report, Facebook to avoid EU privacy rules in UK by moving users to US terms: Report, WhatsApp Launches UPI-Based Payments Feature In India, MediaNama: Roundtable On Copyright And Digital Media. [50], In July 2017, the international team assembled to investigate the 2014 Iguala mass kidnapping publicly complained they thought they were being surveilled by the Mexican government. [18], In 2014, the American private equity firm Francisco Partners bought the company for $130 million. WION investigates NSO Group, which owns 'Pegasus' spyware that hacked WhatsApp. . Pegasus’ discovery by researchers from Citizen Lab and mobile security company Lookout led back to the secretive, complex and opaque NSO Group. "Pegasus and its variants (collectively, "Pegasus") were designed to be remotely installed and enable the remote access and control of information—including calls, messages, and location—on mobile devices using the Android, iOS, and BlackBerry operating systems," said WhatsApp in its lawsuit against the NSO Group. NSO responded "NSO Group does not operate the Pegasus software for its clients". Made in India. [46] A patch for macOS was released six days later. The report indicated that Pegasus … [21] In December 2018, a New York Times investigation concluded that Pegasus software played a role in the Khashoggi's murder, with a friend of Khashoggi stating in a filing that Saudi authorities had used the Israeli-made software to spy on the dissident. NSO Group has claimed that its software was used to catch El Chapo, but researchers have shown that a total of 25 Mexicans have been abusively targeted. ... NSO Group Spyware Gas spyware has … It’s the latest allegation that NSO Group provided Pegasus to a customer that used it for more than combating terrorism and crime. Your email address will not be published. Facebook had filed a lawsuit against the NSO Group in San Francisco last year alleging that the firm had used malware to hack into the smartphones of 1,400 … These NSO-controlled computers served as the nerve centre through which NSO controlled its customers' operation and use of Pegasus." NSO claims that it provides "authorized governments with technology that helps them combat terror and crime". Specifically, NSO Employee 1 stated, 'You just closed our biggest remote for cellular . [7], Citizen Lab and Lookout notified Apple's security team, which patched the flaws within ten days and released an update for iOS. News that at least 20 Indians were targeted by the Pegasus software (more on it below) is especially damning because it suggests the government of India bought the product to surveil its own citizens who disagreed with the government. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS OF PEGASUS SPYWARE | 3 infrastructure to that of NSO Group which offers a product called Pegasus solution. The principal product of the NSO Group is a surveillance software called Pegasus, it allows to spy on the most common mobile devices, including iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerry and Symbian systems. In the RTI query, Das had sought to know if the Government had bought or given a purchase order for Pegasus, a spyware developed by Israel’s NSO Group. "[49], In April 2017, after a Lookout report, Google researchers discovered Android malware "believed to be created by NSO Group Technologies" and naming it Chrysaor (Pegasus' brother in Greek mythology). [57], In 2014, the surveillance firm, Circles merged with the NSO Group. Citizen Lab's October report[53] stated, with high confidence, that NSO's Pegasus had been placed on the iPhone of Saudi dissident Omar Abdulaziz, one of Khashoggi's confidantes, months before. Specifically, Pegasus is advertised as having the following capabilities: [55], According to an investigation by The Guardian and El País, Pegasus software was used to compromise the phones of several politicians active in the Catalan independence movement, including President of the Parliament of Catalonia Roger Torrent, and former member of the Parliament of Catalonia Anna Gabriel i Sabaté. WhatsApp, Pegasus spyware maker, the government are caught in a blame game", "Israeli spyware allegedly used to target Pakistani officials' phones", "Israeli firm won't say if it sold Saudis spyware linked to Khashoggi killing", "Spyware technology found on phone of Moroccan journalist, report says", "Secretive cyber warfare firm NSO Group explores sale: sources", "Israeli Cyberattack Firm NSO Bought Back by Founders at $1b Company Value", "The Israelis Behind History's 'Most Sophisticated Tracker Program' That Wormed Into Apple", "Using Texts as Lures, Government Spyware Targets Mexican Journalists and Their Families (Published 2017)", "Can This Israeli Startup Hack Your Phone? The software allows attackers to take almost total control … According to Forbes, Kaymera and NSO’s offices are located next to each other. Its other directors include citizens of the USA, UK, Germany and Israel. Currently, there are no confirmed or suspected coronavirus cases among the Pegasus … Leaked Hacking Team Emails via CitizenLab [48] The targets supported measures to reduce childhood obesity, including Mexico's "Soda Tax. NSO licenses this software, called Pegasus, to intelligence and law enforcement agencies worldwide, so they can infiltrate the encrypted phones and apps of criminals and terrorists. The World is One News, WION examines global issues with in-depth analysis. Specifically, Pegasus … It’s on the news all over the world. Should Amazon, Flipkart Show Country Of Origin Of Products? Its senior advisors include Tom Ridge, the first American Secretary of Homeland Security, Gerard Araud, a French diplomat, Juliette Kayyem, faculty chair of Harvard’s Homeland Security Programme, and Daniel Reisner, the former head of Israel Defence Forces’ International Law Department. “The agreements signed with the company’s customers require that the company’s products only be used in a lawful manner. Watch video to know more. Copyright © 2020 MediaNama. Meanwhile, Amnesty also claimed that the attack came after the NSO group updated their policy in September 2019. Required fields are marked *. The software allows attackers to take almost total control of an affected phone. Both of them are on the company’s board. Abdulaziz stated that the software revealed Khashoggi's "private criticisms of the Saudi royal family," which according to Abdulaziz "played a major role" in Khashoggi's death. [5] At that time, NSO had almost 500 employees, up from around 50 in 2014. [25] The day after the acquisition, Novalpina attempted to address the concerns raised by Citizen Lab with a letter, stating their belief that NSO operates with sufficient integrity and caution. The NSO Group, whose software — Pegasus — was used to spy on 121 Indians using a vulnerability in WhatsApp, pitched its products to American Police as well, Motherboard reported on … [30] WhatsApp told the Financial Times that "the attack has all the hallmarks of a private company known to work with governments to deliver spyware that reportedly takes over the functions of mobile phone operating systems. It also takes part in and sponsors surveillance-industry trade shows like ISS World, where the company sells wares to governments. [51] They stated that the Mexican government used Pegasus to send them messages about funeral homes containing links which, when clicked, allowed the government to surreptitiously listen to the investigators.

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