[1 Maximus! Commodus is known to have been at Carnuntum, the headquarters of Marcus Aurelius during the Marcomannic Wars, in 172. Except where otherwise noted, the notes below indicate that an individual's parentage is as shown in the above family tree. Commodus never killed his gladiatorial adversaries, instead accepting their surrenders. Maximus vs Commodus # Maximus Already happened while Maximus was stabbed beforehand. This forum is a gathering place for Gladiator fans as well as all movie fans to discuss anything related to this movie! As he was physically strong, his chief interest was in sport: he took part in horse racing, chariot racing, and combats with beasts and men, mostly in private but also on occasion in public. The movie begins with the ailing Marcus Aurelius, Rome's emperor, watching Maximus leading a battle against a German tribe. Han var son till Marcus Aurelius och Faustina den yngre. Commodus was inaugurated in 183 as consul with Aufidius Victorinus for a colleague and assumed the title Pius. In the same year, Pertinax unmasked a conspiracy by two enemies of Cleander – Antistius Burrus (one of Commodus' brothers-in-law) and Arrius Antoninus. His brutal misrule precipitated civil strife that ended 84 years of stability and prosperity within the empire. 0. They both tried to please him and longed for his praise. 3:36. Harvard University Press, 1961, 73.10.3, Dio Cassius 73.20.3, Loeb edition translated E. Cary, Gibbon p.. 106 "disgorged at once a hundred lions; a hundred darts". In 186 he further reduced the purity and silver weight to 74 percent and 2.22 grams respectively, being 108 to the Roman pound. DeanDinosaur6 6 h 1 m . Muller Edition 1.15.7, Echols, Edward C. "Herodian of Antioch's History of the Roman Empire." Hello board. His reign is commonly considered to mark the end of the golden period of peace in the history of the Roman Empire known as the Pax Romana. Maximus lost his wife and Commodus lost Lucilla's love and trust Synona Skies""When I go out with the ladies, I don't force them to try to pronounce my first name. It seems likely that he was brought up in an atmosphere of Stoic asceticism, which he rejected entirely upon his accession to sole rule. Post Apr 18, 2001 #1 2001-04-18T02:19. On 15 October 184 at the Capitoline Games, a Cynic philosopher publicly denounced Perennis before Commodus. [citation needed] On 27 November 176, Marcus Aurelius granted Commodus the rank of Imperator and, in the middle of 177, the title Augustus, giving his son the same status as his own and formally sharing power. Publius Domitius Calvisius Tullus Ruso, Imperator Caesar Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus Augustus (177, 191–192), Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus (180–191), Commodus is a minor antagonist in the 2005 video game, dashed lines indicate adoption; dotted lines indicate love affairs/unmarried relationships, G. Alföldy, "Der Friedesschluss des Kaisers Commodus mit den Germanen,", P. A. Brunt, "The Fall of Perennis: Dio-Xiphilinus 79.9.2,", J. Gagé, "La mystique imperiale et l'épreuve des jeux. Gladiator Arena Final Battle Scene. Speidel, "Commodus the God-Emperor and the Army,", This page was last edited on 29 November 2020, at 00:00. Maximus! DeanDinosaur6 6 h 1 m . Gladiator Music Video - Honor Him(Hans Zimmer)гладиатор.mp4. All the months of the year were renamed to correspond exactly with his (now twelve) names: Lucius, Aelius, Aurelius, Commodus, Augustus, Herculeus, Romanus, Exsuperatorius, Amazonius, Invictus, Felix, and Pius. 5. Perennis took over the reins of government and Commodus found a new chamberlain and favourite in Cleander, a Phrygian freedman who had married one of the emperor's mistresses, Demostratia. Показать ↓ Похожие видео. Commodus, Roman emperor from 177 to 192 (sole emperor after 180). On 20 January 175, Commodus entered the College of Pontiffs, the starting point of a career in public life. During his solo reign, the Empire enjoyed a period of reduced military conflict compared with the reign of Marcus Aurelius, but intrigues and conspiracies abounded, leading Commodus to an increasingly dictatorial style of leadership that culminated in a god-like personality cult, with him performing as a gladiator in the Colosseum. Dio, Cassius. Hello board. The knowledge of his father's love denied him and offered to someone else twisted Commodus. On 12 October 166, Commodus was made Caesar together with his younger brother, Marcus Annius Verus. 0:36 - 0:41 Asi que tu eres un hispano. A germániai hadjárat végső csatája után Marcus Aurelius felkéri, hogy legyen Róma megbízott uralkodója és állítsa vissza a Szenátus hatalmát. Maximus vs Commodus # Maximus Love this movie. Roman History: Epitome of Book LXXIII pp 111. Гена Смирнов . Give me a sword! He was succeeded by Pertinax, the first emperor in the tumultuous Year of the Five Emperors. At the end of June, a mob demonstrated against Cleander during a horse race in the Circus Maximus: he sent the Praetorian Guard to put down the disturbances, but Pertinax, who was now City Prefect of Rome, dispatched the Vigiles Urbani to oppose them. Commodus was also known for fighting exotic animals in the arena, often to the horror and disgust of the Roman people. The title suggests that Commodus was present at his father's victory over the Marcomanni. Commode-Hercule et l'anthropologie hercaléenne,", M.P. Gladiator Maximus vs Tigris of Gaul. I did indeed Peter. Commodus has arranged for several tigers to be set upon Maximus during the duel; Maximus, however, prevails. Didius Julianus, the future emperor and a relative of Salvius Julianus, was dismissed from the governorship of Germania Inferior. Gladiator Maximus vs Commodus. [12] His reduction of the denarius during his rule was the largest since the empire's first devaluation during Nero's reign. ), and Earnest Cary. Statues of Commodus were demolished. Julia Balbilla a possible lover of Sabina: A. R. Birley (1997). 4. Battle takes place in a Roman Colosseum.Standard weapons of choice. 16. Maximus attempts to conspire with those in the Senate who dislike Commodus, while Commodus attempts to have Maximus killed in the gladiator battles. He reduced the weight of the denarius from 96 per Roman poundto 105 per Roman pound (3.85 grams to 3.35 grams). Maximus vs Commodus # Maximus Already happened while Maximus was stabbed beforehand. vs History 1409 Words | 6 Pages. [39] Finally, Commodus killed a giraffe, which was considered to be a strange and helpless beast.[40]. Voting feed. Maximus wins! DeanDinosaur6 3 m . 1, eingeleitet und übersetzt von E. Hohl, bearbeitet und übersetzt von E. Merten (1976) 138. Condianus and Maximus were executed on the pretext that, while they were not implicated in any plots, their wealth and talent would make them unhappy with the current state of affairs. His character is perhaps inspired by several historical figures, including Taruttienus Paternus, the commander of Roman forces at the great battle against the Germanic tribes in 179 AD; Narcissus, the wrestler who actually killed Commodus; and Tiberius Claudius … Disdaining the more philosophic inclinations of his father, Commodus was extremely proud of his physical prowess. I'm one of them people that went crazy and watched braveheart many times (74 to be exact) and I'm affraid it's going to be the same with gladiator. They both loved the same woman! Lucius Septimius Severus (Latin: [seˈweːrus]; 11 April 145 – 4 February 211) was a Roman emperor from 193 to 211. Commodus is confronted by Maximus in the arena in this scene from Gladiator. Cleander was in fact the person who had murdered Saoterus. Similarities huh? Maximus Vs Commodus Gladiator Final Sahnesi. He had a strange obsession with torturing the physically disabled—once even forcing men with dwarfism to fight each other with cleavers for an audience’s amusement—and he found ways to work torture into … Commodus says his greatest virtue is ambition manifest in his desire to be Caesar. After repeated attempts on Commodus' life, Roman citizens were often killed for making him angry. 192 Kbps 5.42 MB MB 3:57 min. Early in 188, Cleander disposed of the current praetorian prefect, Atilius Aebutianus, and took over supreme command of the Praetorian Guard at the new rank of a pugione ("dagger-bearer"), with two praetorian prefects subordinate to him. Gladiator Battle in Chains. So the character Maximus, whil e fictitious, is not that far-fetched. 0:00 - 0:05 (Gritos del populacho) 0:06 - 0:12 (Un portu se acerca a saludar al legionario) 0:14 - 0:20 (Cogiendo aluminio de los portus) 0:23 - 0:27 Levantate, levanta. [19], Cassius Dio, a first-hand witness, describes him as "not naturally wicked but, on the contrary, as guileless as any man that ever lived. Now that's the hard half isn't it. My Name Is Maximus Gladiator SceneScreen. A protest during a horse race led Commodus to dispatch the Praetorian Guard to pacify the streets. He was born in Leptis Magna in the Roman province of Africa.As a young man he advanced through the customary succession of offices under the reigns of Marcus Aurelius and Commodus.Severus seized power after the death of Emperor Pertinax in 193 during the Year of the … find out that the movie didn’t give me the information on the real life and times of the gladiators. Maximus! Eventually, Maximus and his fellow gladiators are sent to Rome to perform for Commodus. As a result, Commodus appeared even more rarely in public, preferring to live on his estates. 192 Kbps 6.34 MB MB 4:37 min. Papirius Dionysius was executed, too. Voting feed. A Felix (szerencse) légió hadvezére, az északi seregek parancsnoka. Sheathe your swords! Maximus kills Commodus while the whole Coliseum stayed silent. НИКОЛАЙ ВОРОЖЕЕВ 27 июн 2019. [30] Popular rumors spread alleging he was actually the son, not of Marcus Aurelius, but of a gladiator whom his mother Faustina had taken as a lover at the coastal resort of Caieta.[31]. Daha fazla videoya gözat. Maximus wins! 192 Kbps 9.48 MB MB 6:54 min. His reduction of the denarius during his rule was the largest since the empire's firs… Commodus was the first (and until 337, the only) emperor "born in the purple," meaning during his father's reign. He was however murdered by a wrestler. During 191, the city of Rome was extensively damaged by a fire that raged for several days, during which many public buildings including the Temple of Pax, the Temple of Vesta, and parts of the imperial palace were destroyed. This is "Gladiator Maximus vs Commodus" by BestElectro City on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. He later served as a Gladiator in the arena after he escaped Commodus. Commodus (/ˈkɒmədəs/;[4] 31 August 161 – 31 December 192) was Roman emperor jointly with his father Marcus Aurelius from 176 until his father's death in 180, and solely until 192. Maximus escapes execution, but is sold into slavery and is forced to become a gladiator. Historia Augusta. 4. The hero of the film, killer of the evil Commodus and champion of the people never existed. Maximus is also portrayed as a former lover of Commodus’ sister, Lucilla, and,upon returning to Rome, forms an alliance with her and members of the Roman Senate, slaying Commodus … However, his power-hungry, jealous son Commodus learns of the plan, murders Marcus Aurelius, and plans to execute Maximus in order to secure his claim to the throne. Her husband, Pompeianus, was not involved, but two men alleged to have been her lovers, Marcus Ummidius Quadratus Annianus (the consul of 167, who was also her first cousin) and Appius Claudius Quintianus, attempted to murder Commodus as he entered a theater. Reihe 4, Bd. His great simplicity, however, together with his cowardice, made him the slave of his companions, and it was through them that he at first, out of ignorance, missed the better life and then was led on into lustful and cruel habits, which soon became second nature."[20]. Sister of Trajan's father: Giacosa (1977), p. 7. Dissatisfaction with this state of affairs would lead to a series of conspiracies and attempted coups, which in turn eventually provoked Commodus to take charge of affairs, which he did in an increasingly dictatorial manner. Commodus starts crying about how his father loves Maximus more than him and how he has good qualities to, they're different. Eigentlich wollte Russell Crowe gar nicht die Rolle des Maximus in "Gladiator" annehmen. Roman History. Commodus was succeeded by Pertinax, whose reign was short-lived; he would become the first claimant to be usurped during the Year of the Five Emperors. Commodus' sister Lucilla and the chief senator Gracchus secure a meeting with Maximus, and he obtains their promise to help him escape Rome, rejoin his soldiers, topple Commodus by force, and hand power over back to the Senate. He was also known for imagining that he was the god Hercules, entering the arena to fight as a gladiator or to kill lions with bow and arrow. Heinz, W. (1986). His assassination in 192 marked the end of the Nerva–Antonine dynasty. Annia Aurelia Galeria Lucilla or Lucilla (7 March 148 or 150 – 182) was the second daughter and third child of Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius and Roman Empress Faustina the Younger.She was the wife of her father's co-ruler Lucius Verus and an elder sister to later Emperor Commodus.Commodus ordered Lucilla's execution after a failed assassination and coup attempt when she was about 33 years old. Far from celebrating his descent from Marcus Aurelius, the actual source of his power, he stressed his own personal uniqueness as the bringer of a new order, seeking to re-cast the empire in his own image. Give me your sword! He later served as a Gladiator in the arena after he escaped Commodus.He eventually killed Commodus, but died shortly after. Musth beim Elephas maximus maximus. LUCILLA! Feb 9, 2014 - Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Commodus. [28] The Romans found Commodus' gladiatorial combats to be scandalous and disgraceful. While the circumstances of how Commodus became emperor in the film are probably not true, there is some greater truth in some of the gladiator fights. Unlike the preceding Emperors Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius, he seems to have had little interest in the business of administration and tended throughout his reign to leave the practical running of the state to a succession of favourites, beginning with Saoterus, a freedman from Nicomedia who had become his chamberlain. So the character Maximus, whil e fictitious, is not that far-fetched. Off with his head, Maximus! The first crisis of the reign came in 182, when Lucilla engineered a conspiracy against her brother. Despite his notoriety, and considering the importance of his reign, Commodus' years in power are not well chronicled. Upon his ascension, Commodus devalued the Roman currency. [17], Thus, he presented himself as the fountainhead of the Empire, Roman life, and religion. The Roman Emperors (1985) p. 99. The Emperor's son, Commodus, is enraged by this decision and decides to murder his own father (while subsequently lying about the horrible deed) in a selfish effort to become Emperor. Husband of Salonia Matidia: Levick (2014), p. 161. Unlike Maximus, Commodus is a toxic leader someone who seeks to glorify himself instead of exalting the people. His recorded actions do tend to show a rejection of his father's policies, his father's advisers, and especially his father's austere lifestyle, and an alienation from the surviving members of his family. 192 Kbps 8.74 MB MB 6:22 min. On 1 January 177, Commodus became consul for the first time, which made him, aged 15, the youngest consul in Roman history up to that time. There’s also a Netflix docuseries about Commodus called Roman Empire: Reign of Blood (2016) , which approaches the subject from a slightly more historical perspective. Quintus, sword! Vor Schmerz verliert Maximus die Besinnung und wird von Sklavenhändlern nach Afrika verschleppt. Dort kauft ihn der Betreiber einer … Bildir. One of the two praetorian prefects, Publius Tarrutenius Paternus, had actually been involved in the conspiracy but his involvement was not discovered until later on, and in the aftermath, he and his colleague, Sextus Tigidius Perennis, were able to arrange for the murder of Saoterus, the hated chamberlain.

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