Oslossa asuva 16-vuotias Nisha (Maria Mozhdah) elää kaksoiselämää. I was really looking for something. I know now that I can choose from both cultures, but when I was younger I had to choose: either/or. Does working on certain films change you as a person? Paolo Virzi At the beginning I just wanted to throw up, and then slowly the script started to change and got a fictionalized feeling. Carlos Saura Wiki: Mozhdah Jamalzadah can be found in Wikipedia. Maria Mozhdah is an actress, known for What Will People Say (2017), Kaptein Sabeltann - Kongen på havet (2011) and Dagsrevyen (1958). •Thanks to Sara Sampson and David Ninh, Kino Lorber, for arranging this interview.•. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys STARmeter Awards San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events I was not very close to my family, but while I was writing this, my father became ill. : Not Known; Because of the civil war in Afghanistan, her family fled to Canada when she was around six. I was frozen out of the Pakistani community in Norway, so I had to think I was totally Norwegian, because there was no choice; I just had Norwegian to choose. First song from the Ethnosessions series, originally performed by Arijit Singh, published by Sony Music India. What Will People Say (Hva Vi Folk Si) is a terrifying film based on and inspired by the horror of the life of Iram Haq, its director. The father sees his daughter, their eyes meet, he sets her free, and he also sees himself in the reflection; it’s he who has to work on himself, it’s not the girl, and it also gives hope for the younger sister. Eran Riklis I also had an ethical problem. There were several scenes that were hard to do, for example when the father had to spit on Nisha’s face, and the police scene of course. Atiq Rahimi But the problems I experienced were not unusual…this is a problem we have in Scandinavia and many Western countries, where Pakistani girls and girls from other countries get kidnapped or killed by their families. Volker Schlondorff It was like opening Pandora’s box to start to look at all the emotions and what happened to me, which I hadn’t been thinking about much all those years. The film follows main character Nisha (Maria Mozhdah), a … Heartiest and massive thanks to @iramhaq @merfilm @_adilhussain @maria.mozhdah @echoinsta for … Oslossa asuva 16-vuotias Nisha (Maria Mozhdah) elää kaksoiselämää. DT: There was that marvelous moment in the film when Nisha, the character representing you, says, “I’m here to explore my parents’ culture,” and her little cousin says, “Your culture.” To what extent did Pakistani culture become your culture after your year in Pakistan? Nishan vapaa norjalaisteinin elämä kokee voimakkaimman törmäyksen kotikulttuurin kanssa, kun isä ( Adil Hussain ) löytää pojan Nishan huoneesta. To set an example, Nisha's parents decide to kidnap her and place her with relatives in Pakistan. Watch: After 28 Years and Five Grand Slams, Maria Sharapova Steps Away From the Game. It changed me a lot. Suddenly I could see my life from outside. DT: Much of this film is autobiographical.  didn’t know what it was, but today things are more balanced. DT: From your firsthand experience, how possible do you think it is in the world today, where things are becoming more integrated in some ways but in some ways more fascist, to both assimilate and maintain your own community at the same time? But the older I get the more aware of it I am, because sometimes it’s the Pakistani music or food I feel more connected to. It can be seen on her social media accounts that Mozhdah lives a very luxurious life. Wim Wenders, Film critic Andrew Sarris: A tribute For me it’s important to have a good idea what the end will be like, but not to the point where you see the shot. I’m Norwegian, I just have black hair; my parents are Pakistani but I have nothing to do with it. Maria Mozhdah: Napsali jsme... Severský filmový podzim: Snímek Co tomu řeknou lidi ilustruje stále aktuální propast mezi kulturami v Evropě a Asii. On Pathé.nl you will find film news, the latest trailers, times and tickets. Terms of Use  |   Privacy Policy   |   Contest Rules  |  Contact Us IH: The men are weak but the women are also socially controlling. He comes from a very conservative family, so I think it was a big surprise for him—not surprise, but he was full of fear—and he handled the whole situation really badly. Agnieszka Holland Not because I didn’t want to talk about it—I just kind of forgot that I was kidnapped. Interview: Love, Lights, Hanukkah!’s Mia Kirshner, Interview: The Prom’s Jo Ellen Pellman and Ariana DeBose, Interview: Smiley Face Killers’ Ronen Rubinstein and Mia Serafino, Exclusive: Trailer and poster reveal for Easy Land, Interview: Selena: The Series’ Gabriel Chavarria, Interview: Sound of Metal’s Riz Ahmed and Olivia Cooke, Interview: Operation Christmas Drop’s Kat Graham, Interview: Michael Imperioli on The Nicotine Chronicles, Interview with author and Star Wars star Anthony Daniels, Interview with Fight Choreographer Brynn Knickle, The Joe Carter Classic Summit Suite Event Recap. I didn’t want to be a part of that. Quentin Dupieux I think it’s so important that you tell people how evil people can be when they are full of fear.”  That really helped me get the courage to tell it and also to change the script so we have love for both characters [Nisha, Iram’s alter ego, and the father]. It was really, really emotionally hard for him, really hard for her as well, but they were brilliant and we were all so close, so it went really well. Setara Entertainment 134,993 views Marisha studio je digitalna agencija specijalizirana za vođenje stranica na druÅ¡tvenim mrežama, fotografiranje, video snimanje, digitalno ilustriranje i web dizajn.Vodimo stranice na druÅ¡tvenim mrežama za veći broj uspjeÅ¡nih poduzetnika. Nisha lives with her family in Norway, where she was born.  Her parents are Indian immigrants from Pakistan. Robert Gardner John Ivory •Availability: Opens New York City, July 13, IFC Center, L.A. August 3 with national rollout to follow. •Click here for the trailer. The girls, the mother, the aunt, it’s a cultural problem too. She was seventeen when we shot, and we worked very, very closely. Of course we had the Pakistani community, but we were not really a part of the bigger society, and that made the world very small for my family. Win a Digital screening link of Antebellum! Find Maria Mozhdah movies, filmography, bio, co stars, photos, news and tweets. IH: I didn’t say anything. When her father catches her in bed with her boyfriend, Nisha's two worlds brutally collide. You’ve made two very successful features now; how do you arrive at your final shot? I was not so aware of it before getting close to the end of shooting, and the editing process changes it a little too. I want to make this film.” And he said, “Yeah, I think it’s so important that you make this movie. Telling this story is also something like a closure, because there were so many years that I didn’t talk about it. WIN WIN 1 in 20 Family Passes to A Taste of Chittering! Sep 14, 2019 - Explore Beykhabar's board "Maria Mozhdah", followed by 129 people on Pinterest. November 26, 2020 Volený mariáÅ¡ je karetní hrou pro tři hráče. Along with praise for Haq’s work as a writer and director, newcomer Maria Mozhdah is being singled out for her natural portrayal of 16-year-old Nisha. Kotona perheen kesken hän on kunniallinen pakistanilainen tytär, mutta kodin ulkopuolella hän viettää tavallista norjalaisteinin arkea. I wanted to tell this story, but I didn’t know how to tell it. 469 Followers, 1,161 Following, 49 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Maria Mozhdah (@maria.mozhdah) IH: When I was a teenager I left my family, as in the movie. That’s something I can show because I know how the Norwegian social workers work. IH: That year really changed my life in so many ways. DT: What do you want audiences to take away from this film? For this problem, which is about social control—how we control our youth, especially girls with an immigrant background from a Pakistani family, for example—the Norwegians don’t know what’s going on in these kinds of families. Try to care. "Sixteen-year-old Nisha lives a double life. That helped, but scenes like when she’s with the father on the cliff, when he cried, I cried behind the monitor. What did that allow you to see about both cultures that you were occupying—the Pakistani and the Norwegian? I used up many years to adjust it, and it took a long while before I started to write it. Interview: The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two’s Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Darby Camp. But when her father catches her alone with her boyfriend, Nisha's two worlds brutally collide. IH: He sees himself in the reflection. Paolo Taviani Info. Get the latest on Maria Mozhdah on Fandango. When she came in for the audition – I sensed her talent, her passion for being an actress. Každá ze čtyř barev, které se označují jako červené, kule, listy a žaludy, má po osmi kartách. Win a ‘The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two’ prize pack! That was also a journey, because one of the earliest drafts was really black-and-white. DT: You’ve been a writer, director, and actor. What was it like for your actors? But of course it was really hard for them to make that scene. I couldn’t have both. Coming back to Norway, it was also very hard to find my place. The actor who plays the father [Adil Hussain] is a famous Indian actor. IH: I wrote that scene on Christmas Eve. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil - Cover by Mozhdah Jamalzadah. I got the chance to be very, very close to him and also learn who he was, why he did the things he did when I was young. Eugene Green Tee-riffic Pixar Putt to tee-off in Perth. Win a Mongrel Halloween prize pack on iTunes! To have two identities was very hard, because for many years I tried to not have anything to do with the Pakistani part of me. How could I make this movie now, because we were becoming good friends. IH: I hope it’s possible to keep the culture you come from and integrate into the society you’re living in. DT: Did your year in Pakistan give you insight into what it means to be an immigrant? Nov 14, 2018 - Explore Haidaryshermuhammad's board "Muzhda jamalzadah" on Pinterest. IH: In a way, but for me it was more like looking at my parents than looking at myself in Pakistan. IH: For me it was weird. Maria Mozhdah is an afghan actress, born at year 2000 at Kabul afghanistan based in Norway she is well known for her movies What Will People Say (2017) and Dagsrevyen (1958) Cristian Mungiu Sixteen year-old Nisha lives a double life. It’s not one-to-one my story—it’s fictionalized. He was so full of fear. See more ideas about maria, streaming movies free, it movie cast. I really felt sorry for my father, for example, who was really not good at being part of Norwegian society. Baltasar Kormakur The young girl who plays Nisha [Maria Mozhdah] played in some small TV serials when she was ten, but this was her first film. My behavior is different. He never had the chance to integrate, and that’s why he found my lifestyle very scary. Matias Pineiro Elokuvan päähenkilö, 16-vuotias oslolainen Nisha (Maria Mozhdah), tasapainoilee vanhempiensa edustaman pakistanilaisen kulttuurin vaatimusten ja pohjoismaisen liberaalin elämäntavan välillä. You have to be grown up because nobody is there for you. IH: You believe that these men are so macho, so strong, but it’s not necessarily like this. Maybe not for other people, but my family was different: They were not typical Pakistanis either because they were Indian immigrants from Pakistan, with slightly different behavior from the Pakistanis. Jos Stelling Starring: Maria Mozhdah, Adil Hussain, Rohit Saraf, Four stars. We started a friendship, and I asked him questions about why he did these things to me. In my experience I have seen many Pakistani men being more weak than the women, who can be so strong. We already saw her little sister, who was watching her big sister leave, and the next one is going to be her. IH: Dealing with it is always a delicate matter, because I’m telling one story, I’m not telling everybody’s story. I also have the insight of the mentality and way of thinking of the Pakistanis, so I feel very lucky, kind of rich, because I have two cultures which I understand pretty well. It was really interesting to dig deep into my own issues, why I had those issues, and how they’re linked to what happened at that time. View this post on Instagram Super proud to share with y’all that our film #WhatWillPeopleSay has been declared as the #Norwegian official entry into #Oscars2019. Diane Kurys Maria Mozhdah in a scene from 'What Will People Say' As featured on Review: The first-rate 'What Will People Say' pushes the audience's tolerance in the culture clashing drama I wanted someone else to write it for me because it was so hard. Sound engineer Ben Burtt (Star Wars), Judy Gelman Myers: Optimal experience Perfect image & sound Buy online tickets Imax and Dolby rooms Full Name: Maria Mozhdah Maria Mozhdah has been active for 3 years, participating in 1 movies that average a 7.7/10 score. James Marsh IH: I wrote both features by myself. See more ideas about afghan girl, afghan, girl. He was an immigrant, he was not integrated into the society, because he came from Pakistan, he had to work and send money back home, and take care of the family. I was rushing into a new world, into Western society, as a young girl. Vogue Daily. DT: The cliff scene was one of the most shocking and brutal I’ve ever seen. Mozhdah is a well-established singer in the music industry from which she has a net worth of $2 million. Claude Lanzmann That was very hard when I was young and really hard to find my identity. The young girl who plays Nisha [Maria Mozhdah] played in some small TV serials when she was ten, but this was her first film. She’s lovely. Kavereiden kanssa hengaillaan, käydään bileissä – ja ihastutaan. When out with her friends, she's a regular Norwegian teenager. How did you find your lead Maria Mozhdah? Frederick Wiseman Screenwriter Abi Morgan (The Invisible Woman) Topics Tennis Maria Sharapova. I didn’t want to keep myself just with them [the family], because they were afraid of the difference. You have to learn this society, the language, how to read and write, to handle situations. I ended up writing it for myself because I didn’t find the right writer. I grew up so quickly; it was like taking away my childhood. They’re full of violence as well, so it’s not just the men. When Nisha inevitably breaks her family’s rigid taboos, she is brutally abducted and sent to the “home country.” Reflecting writer/director Iram Haq’s personal story, What Will People Say unflinchingly lays bare the violence engendered by fear and isolation. Producer Gabrielle Tana (Philomena) Maria Mozhdah, Actress: Hva vil folk si. Once in a while people are surprised, because they didn’t know anything about my background. Hraje se s 32 kartami. So we were also outcasts between them. DT: For me, the final shot of this film radically changes its meaning, because it becomes the father’s film; this has enormous significance in terms of the possibility of personal and cultural change. I could really see how much of a struggle it was for them to fit in a society where there was no one like them. They’re in a jail, all of them. This doesn’t happens in the US, but this happens in Europe. Jean-Jacques Annaud They all are part of it: it’s as if someone else is handling them like marionettes, making them do things. DT: The most shocking was the cousin in Pakistan, who was asked if he wants to marry Nisha after the event with the police and he says, “I’ll do whatever you want.”. He had ten months more to live. DT: One thing that struck me is how weak the men are. What Will People Say (Hva Vi Folk Si) is a terrifying film based on and inspired by the horror of the life of Iram Haq, its director. Bill Morrison Benjamin Avila I had to keep working on it because I wanted to tell it also from the father’s point of view. Amos Gitai I know more or less where it’s going to end, but it’s also a process on the other side, because you don’t know exactly how it’s going to end. Win a ‘The Broken Hearts Gallery’ pizza movie night! Screenwriter Paul Laverty (The Angels' Share) Kavereiden kanssa hengaillaan, käydään bileissä – ja ihastutaan. In the film you see that the social workers don’t know how to handle it. I look different. Copyright © 2017 Brief Take. It gave me some new ideas; of course it’s too early to say how I’ve changed, because we released the film last year, but definitely it made some changes in my life. I tried to give the script away. Maria Mozhdah stars as Nisha, a Norwegian-Pakistani teenager. Join Facebook to connect with Mozhdah Jamalzada and others you may know. But today, as a grown-up woman, I can choose both as much as I want. Those things got more clear. Who am I? Film: 'What Will People Say'; Director: Iram Haq; Cast: Maria Mozhdah, Adil Hussain and Ekavali Khanna; Rating: **** I knew that I needed to be braver than I was, and I knew that I wanted to tell it in my way. Chuck Workman I think there are people who can do that, but for my family it was very, very hard to be both, as I saw it. You have an idea where this film is going to stop. John Boorman Everybody froze me out, so I had to just accept that and choose the other option, which was Norwegian. She’s lovely. She was seventeen when we shot, and we worked very, very closely. Can you talk about the process of turning your own life experience into a piece of art. Our Stores Are Open Book Annex Membership Educators Gift Cards Stores & Events Help. Maria Mozhdah is an actress, known for What Will People Say (2017), Kaptein Sabeltann - Kongen på havet (2011) and Dagsrevyen (1958). They can see this is a problem, and they don’t know what to do. I want people to see the struggle, what’s happening, and also I want audiences not to close their eyes if they know, if they have any idea about someone else experiencing this kind of problem. It was an angry young woman who wrote this story. Does Mozhdah Jamalzadah drink alcohol? In 2009, she started hosting a TV reality talk show, ‘The Mozhdah Show,’ which focused on discussions of taboo topics in … I wanted to be a part of normal Norwegian society. My work was to give them not just the idea but all my emotions around those kinds of situations. Most of her incomes are from albums and hosting TV shows. The good thing is that I have the inside view from both cultures. We auditioned for one-and-a-half year. Kotona perheen kesken hän on kunniallinen pakistanilainen tytär, mutta kodin ulkopuolella hän viettää tavallista norjalaisteinin arkea. directortalk@gmail.com, New York Sephardic Jewish Film Festival 2016, The Silence of Others/Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar, Life and Nothing More/Antonio Mendez Esparza. Movie advertiser Merv Bloch (Blow-up) DT: Why were you frozen out of the Pakistani community? At home with her family, she is the perfect Pakistani daughter. Pablo Larrain Paul Laverty (screenwriter) IH: I really hope that people will not see it as a black-and-white story, that they’ll also see that everyone is in a jail here—the father, the brother, the mother, the little sister, and Nisha. Don't Miss. Lech Majewski The brother understands Nisha in a way, but he is so into pleasing his father and mother that he doesn’t care about her. The actor who plays the father [Adil Hussain] is a famous Indian actor. Svojim klijentima na jednom mjestu pružamo sve Å¡to im je potrebno za prezentaciju u digitalnom svijetu i na druÅ¡tvenim mrežama. It was emotional for me to see and understand her emotions and my father’s emotions and what I went through. View the profiles of people named Mozhdah Jamalzada. Aria band Mozhdah Jamalzada & Alia Ansari Full interview مژده جمالزاده عالیه انصاری - Duration: 27:02. Volený mariáÅ¡ . Miguel Gomes He just said, “I’m sorry for everything.” It changed my script. I wanted to understand the father. Produced , mixed and mastered by Ethnobeast. The film follows main character Nisha (Maria Mozhdah), a … They all are into What Will People Say. I asked him, “What do you think? Her conflict over wanting to fit in and devotion to her parents leads to her doting father (Adil Hussain) kidnapping her to silence wagging tongues. DT: I had a long discussion with a film school friend about the final shot. All Rights Reserved. View all films with Maria Mozhdah. At home with her family she is the perfect Pakistani daughter, but when out with her friends, she is a normal Norwegian teenager. Many people thought I was adopted. IH: This was a story I wanted to tell for many years, because I experienced this when I was fourteen.

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