A bit like a mixture of Gamay and Pinot Noir. Loving it. A great summer red. For a Xinomavro it is lightish in colour and on the palate, nice and sinewy in feel. My first experience of this wine and grower but not my last. Good, because this is one of the most important names in Greek wine. - Will Lyons", "Lovely red fruits and different, pick [this wine]. It is one of the very rare times I have tipped the wine down the sink which was particularly galling given the price of the wine. I love this vibrant red wine served lightly chilled outdoors with a barbecue. single vintage, from 2011 to 2017, a run of 16.5s out of 20 with 17 for the Sur des sols de marne, de calcaire, de schiste, de granite et d’argile rouge, il démontre tout le potentiel et la force du xinomavro sur ses vignes de 37 ans d’âge. Vous découvrirez ici un cépage inconnu en France : le Xinomavro. I don't really remember the 2nd bottle as it was pulled out at the end of an evening. ", "I like trying different wine grapes and if you want a different wine, have a try. character. Add to my favourites. deep plum notes.' write. It ticks all the boxes for me although I'm not that keen on the new label.....", "Wow - a real find, especially at this price. Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes Thymiopoulos 2018, The Wine Society— A lot of wine for the money – expect the bright lightness of Pinot Noir with a savoury tang of Nebbiolo. It has a supple, silky feel, a voluble fragrance It might have got 5 stars, but initially it … ", "This is very very good indeed -especially for the price. "Very smooth and seductive. Naoussa Thymiopoulos Jeunes Vignes de Xinomavro Red, vintage 2018. lot: 2043 composed of 1Bottle of Greece - Macedonia wine, available in the sale (B2110221) of wines. Don't drink it with hearty food. bursting with blackberry and stewed black plum fruit, with high plum-skin acid, Have already placed an order. Thymiopoulos, this example from Naoussa is way less toothsome than some The extremely ancient and proud history of winemaking in Greece goes back 6,500 years and the central part it has played, and does play, in Greek culture ought to have assured it of a place in the hearts and minds of modern wine drinkers. Thymiopoulos Naoussa Jeunes Vignes de Xinomavro(ドメーヌ・ティミオプロス ナウサ ジューヌ・ヴィーニュ・ド・クシノマヴロ)はギリシャのワインです。 生産者はDom. However Bearnaise sauce, Cookies allow our website to function effectively. ", "A good example of the xinomavro grape. of wild strawberries and then a quinine-like twist. Such clean precise aromas & flavours; strawberry, raspberry, red cherry, smoke, charred toast and earth. The Wine Society uses cookies to enable easy navigation and shopping on the website. because it is deliciously aromatic and shows a more playful side of the Xinomavro Élevage de 18 mois en barriques de chêne français et américain de 225 L et 500 L, dont 25% de neuves. We use this information to make our website, the content displayed on it and direct marketing communications we may send to you or contact you about more relevant to your interests. Tried it chilled as well and can see why others have compared it to a Pinot. I think it would appeal to fans of Pinot Noir, as it seems to complement similar food. I agree very much with Mr Dodds I would add the balance of acidity, structure and length are surprising for a wine this young. Via Vinera Bulgarian Heritage Mavrud 2017 Bulgaria 13.5% £8.50 Lovely weight. An international reputation, or even a national one, based on produce from well organised, demarcated and business-like regions with a reputation for fine wines never got off the ground in Greece as they did in, for example, Bordeaux or the Douro. Delicious now but will last well. ", "This is the first Wine Society wine I tasted and would not recommend. ", "An excellent wine, a joy to drink. There were two other people with me and they agreed it wasn't good. 100 % of 100 | 6 reviews Add Your Review. I didn't remember how much I had paid and came back on and will definitely now be ordering more. In ideal sense, might be better than commercial concerns. Thymiopoulos Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes 2018. ", "This is a delightful wine, not complex but full of fruit and flavour, I was introduced to this on New Years Eve (2019/20) and after my first order I will continue to have it close by. Highly recommend serving it slightly cool. Not a big or deep wine and certainly no Barolo (see below) but light, crunchy, good acidity and delicious drinking. Various pests are an issue – in particular, wild boar from the surrounding woods have a very sweet tooth – but Apostolos uses nature to counteract them. How do Cookies help The Wine Society? Vin rouge | 750 ml | Grèce . There is, of course, a mosaic of soils types in the entirety of Greece, from schist to sand, but limestone and volcanic soils tend to proliferate.As with most EU countries, Greece has developed an appellation system, based on the French model, to the extent of borrowing the terminology of Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée on the label. - Tim Atkin", "Pale garnet. The palate has much more spice blended with red fruits and a lovely astringency, which gives it great balance. Tasted blind I wouldnt have been surprised if this was one or any of Pinot Noir, Gamay, Nebbiolo ( maybe even some cool climate Syrah.?). ", "Different to my normal drinking. spice. Domaine Thymiopoulos Jeunes Vignes de Xinomavro Naoussa 2015 Couleur rubis clair. Crafted by the talented Apostolos Thymiopoulos, this example from Naoussa is way less toothsome than some examples, partly because it’s made with fruit from young vines. ", "Got 2 bottles as part of wine plan, just opened the second to confirm the quality, amazing! On the islands, in particular the Cyclades, the soils are often volcanic. I am sure that the bottle didnt contain the full 70 cl as it became empty earlier than I was expecting...", "Interesting to see the blaze of five stars. Jeunes Vignes 2018. Lovely. Last evening enjoyed our third bottle (not in one sitting! Well worth the price, in fact it has the smoothness of a much more expensive wine. You can find out more in the public sources mentioned below. We take the privacy of all who use our website very seriously and ensure that our use of cookies complies with current EU legislation. - Olly Smith", "Most unusually, this ", "This is a really enjoyable wine. It is very sweet. We do this by storing an otherwise meaningless unique ID in a cookie for the duration of your visit. - Olly Smith", "Greek wines are a This gets as close to that as I suspect possible, and it’s not even Pinot!! a bit of mint. ", "Easy to drink but not something that leaves an impression. Macedoine . ", "Rather good. [This wine] offer unbeatable value and an easy-going There's not much point trying to describe it by reference to other grape varieties; it's particularly Greek. Bright, pure and elegant Greek xinomavro from Naoussa with a wonderful perfume of red fruits, sundried tomato and herbaceous undertones giving great freshness. It is amazingly drinkable, but also develops into a complex wine. Share Share on Facebook Tweet Tweet on Twitter Pin it Pin on Pinterest. Thymiopoulos has become almost synonymous with Xinomavro. store your share number in order to identify that you have visited the website before. Thymiopoulos Jeunes Vignes De Xinomavro, Pdo Naoussa, Macedonia, Greece 2018. Macédoine . It has spicy strawberry aromas, typical of the Xinomavro grape. elevation. Crafted by the talented Apostolos Performance/analytical cookiesThese cookies collect information about how visitors use a website, for instance which pages visitors go to most often, and if they get error messages from web pages. For me this is medium light, medium to medium plus acid (although firmly medium after air and a few more degrees), medium light tannin....red fruit to the fore, a touch of wood and spice on the nose which comes in waves on the mid palate before yielding to a a dry, tart and surprisingly long lived finish. I ordered it after enjoying two similar bottles by the same producer in the excellent Greek restaurant Theion in Guildford. ", "What an absolute treat of a wine, it pours out pale in colour but follows with unexpectedly concentrated aromas of rich fruit and underlying rose-like floral notes. Categories: Latest Arrivals, Wines, Red Wine. Add to cart. How does The Wine Society use cookies? Extraordinary value and utterly delicious. Vin de la semaine de l'émission Tout le Monde en Parle (Radio-Canada) du 22 janvier 2017. Prix, informations et notes de dégustation (format: Bouteille) Light in colour and full of fruit it’s very natural and flavoursome. Red wine Young Respectful agriculture. Xinomavro Jeunes Vignes Thymiopoulos 2018 (13%), £10.95, The Wine Society. Excellent value. ", "Attended my first member tasting event last night and came across this Greek Beauty - light in texture, but packs a punch and my first ever tasting of a Greek Red (and won't be the last, as I purchased another bottle last night)......highly recommended. Learn about the characteristics of this wine to find a favorite. Worth a buy throughout summer and Autumn imo. - Jancis Robinson", "25% whole bunch. It is like some Californian versions. Nouvelle bouteille et nouvelle étiquette à partir du millésime 2017. But most of all sweet fruity. It isn’t grown with any particular success anywhere outside of Naoussa, which is possibly why Apostolos and his family now dedicate their production to this one variety in an attempt to champion this underrated region.Over the years, they have converted to biodynamic viticulture, and Apostolos lets the vineyards’ character shine through by not interfering with nature too much. ... red-fruit dominant Jeunes Vignes – is also doing well. | Aucun synonyme n'est officiellement reconnu en France, ni dans les autres pays de l'Union européenne pour cette variété. ", "Terrific. Extraordinary value and utterly delicious. From one of the best winemakers in Greece, this has a fruity-savoury frisson. However, please note that this may affect the successful functioning of the site, particularly if you block all cookies, including essential cookies. ", "Very distinctive and characterful. succulent, light, juicy, vividly red-fruited style for thirst-quenching sipping More recently, cookies have also been used to collect information about the user which allows a profile of their preferences and interests to be created so that they can be served with interest-based rather than generic information about available goods and services. Domaine Thymiopoulos Jeunes Vignes de Xinomavro Naoussa 2018 . Greek wines have so much to offer and I love exploring these different styles. Outstanding wine. Macedoine . NAH'OWSA. something of Burgundy and the Languedoc, but which is really its own Greek Just putting in my third order after a dinner party last night where a guest who had had it before remembered it as the Greek wine I’d served previously and a big smile came over his face. Sur saq.com. A siren song for others in the range, where hopefully expectations won't be dashed. on the lighter side of medium bodied with lots of red fruits, acidity quite high. ", "Xinomavro is arguably 100 % of 100 | 6 reviews Add Your Review. It is only used to improve how a website works. All modern browsers allow you to modify your cookie settings so that all cookies, or those types which are not acceptable to you, are blocked. This Just lovely. Often compared to the Nebbiolo grape, this example of Xinomavro from young vines shows complex aromas and flavours of tangy red berries, black cherry and plum. flavours to nebbiolo, so try [this]. It’s a wine with Ce vin possède des arômes de fruités (cassis, fraise et prunelle) et floraux (violette). Intense, mature and complex. This is similar. Aromas of red fruits (red cherry, raspberry, strawberry, red plum, redcurrant) much like a Pinot, but also mint and cloves Dry, medium bodied, medium alcohol, medium tannin. He employed Professor Emile Peynaud from Bordeaux University to advise and supervise the viticulture. - David Clay", "Organic Greek red, a temperature. oak. There's not much length, but the initial attack is good with some pleasing herbaceous notes. refreshing acidity to balance. and scented, it’s like a cross between a gamay and a nebbiolo. $18.60. ", "Lovely savoury fragrant wine. Its healthy tannins means it is likely we will enjoy watching some of the earlier wines evolve for many years to come. And we must mention the famous, and sadly misunderstood, Retsina. In practice, one bottle clearly corked, clear bottle variation. Naoussa. A deliciously fresh, pure and uplifting wine. ", "Am so sorry but I have to agree with the negative reviews on this one. Le Naoussa Jeunes Vignes du Domaine Thymiopoulos est un vin rouge grec fait à partir du cépage xinomavro par le vigneron Apostolos Thymiopoulos. Free shipping on some products. ", "I am sorry to say this wine is not one I would consider buying again, nor indeed did I finish the bottle. 2552 ratings. Outstanding. Please check back frequently to see any updates and changes to our cookie policy. Just ordered some more. As other members have said, it tastes like a medium range Pinot, at a low range Burgundy price point. We use the following three types of cookies: lovely purity and a bit of tannic grip. Ripeness is therefore rarely a problem except in certain, exceptional circumstances and sites, and the problem is more likely to be a lack of acidity. Top drop. Cookies also help us to arrange content to match your preferred interests more quickly. Will definitely be buying more to try in the summer, and also now keen to try out a bottle or two of this wine's elder sibling from the not so 'jeunes vignes'. Sign up for a carefully-curated selection of recipes, guides, in-depth expertise and much more. Yeh I can get the PN / Nebiolo associations (front and finish) -- but actually I think that's just searching for points of reference -- and there aren't really any !!!! $9.99 local delivery in upstate New York. Thymiopoulos Xinomavro Jeunes-Vignes 2018, Naoussa, Greece (13%, The Wine Society , £10.95) Native to Greece, the xinomavro grape often resembles nebbiolo but this one is unexpectedly juicy too. ", "Not brilliant at the art of describing wine for others to understand, but how about 'good pinot with a hint of pepper'?