The validity of the card or voucher will be checked with your ticket at the museum entrance. NEMO Sciences Musee à Amsterdam Les quatre étages du NEMO sont des lieux stimulants. Sobre o NEMO: Museu da Ciência em Amsterdam. NEMO also comes out on … Marvel at the exciting and spectacular experiments. These are organized together with NEMO Kennislink and other partners. Also, they can come into contact with scientists. People give NEMO such a high score because of its educational content, because it’s fun for children and because it offers an entertaining and relaxing experience. This approach also enables children to discover and further develop their own talents in the field of science and technology. Marvel at our beautiful collection of remarkable artifacts and crowns and learn about the magical world of diamonds. For more information about the measures implemented by NEMO and what is expected of you to keep yourself and others safe, please go to Visitors can repeat centuries-old research and they can also participate as test subjects in cutting-edge scientific research. Researchers from the University of Amsterdam and other universities carry out research on topics such as ‘How do parents interact with their children in exhibitions?’ or ‘How children think about phenomena like shadows or electricity.’. The Moco museum in Amsterdam wants to make a wide range of modern art, contemporary art & street art, like Banksy, available to the general public. Holders of a Museumkaart, a BankGiro Lotterij VIP KAART, an Amsterdam Stadspas, an I amsterdam City Card, a NEMO Jaarpas, a NEMO voucher or an ICOM card also have to reserve a ticket with a date and timeslot. At NEMO, we feel that schools should place more emphasis on science and technology, which will activate kids to learn by using real-life materials in a hands-on setting. From a firm belief in progress, to reconstruction and industrialization, and on to the quest for sustainability and innovation. Музей науки и техники для детей в Амстердаме. With our network partners we work hard to continually develop initiatives that bring together a variety of individuals, groups and organizations involved in science and technology communication. For adults there are lectures at NEMO Science Museum, in Paradiso (concert hall, club and cultural centre) and in the Kenniscafé at the Balie (centre for the freedom of speech, contemporary art, politics, culture, cinema and media). The history of NEMO is inseparable from the development of science and technology in the Netherlands and how society has viewed this process over the past 100 years. For 10 years, scientists have been answering children’s questions during our series of Children’s Lectures. Localizado a apenas alguns minutos da estação central de trens de Amsterdam, em um espetacular prédio construído pelo arquiteto italiano Renzo Piano, o criador do Centre Pompidou, em Paris, o Nemo Museum o acolhe, durante todo o ano, para uma visita lúdica e cheia de descobertas. New technology is vitally important if we are to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Visit our museum and read more about our educational activities across the world. Hands-on activities are a key ingredient for engaging and inspiring education. Temporary closed Address: Nieuwe Keizersgracht 1, Amsterdam + 31 (0)20 530 87 55 (during office hours) © Whether you're a first-time visitor or a veteran of the city's cultural scene, there's no escaping the international attraction of Amsterdam's top museums. It has a striking exterior, with its copper-green silhouette recognizable from afar, while its interior minimizes distraction from the exhibitions and the discoveries that visitors make inside. Buy your tickets now. That’s learning the NEMO way. NEMO will be closed from 15 December 2020 until 19 January 2021 in accordance with national measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Proefjes voor thuis. Passeio de bicicleta em Amsterdã (a partir de US$ 36,37) Cruzeiro pelo canal de Amsterdã em um barco clássico com bebidas e queijo holandês (a partir de US$ 35,16) Passeio de barco aberto - Todas as bebidas incluídas - 60 minutos - Guia ao vivo (a partir de US$ 27,64) Veja todas as experiências em NEMO Science Museum no Tripadvisor Micropia - Science museum Amsterdam | Discover one of the best museums in Amsterdam | Fun and interesting | Visit Micropia at ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo At NEMO Science Museum, everyone – from young to old – discovers how fascinating science and technology are. The diversity of our visitors reflects the general population and makes them a very valuable resource for scientists. 020-531 32 33 Check! General Holders of a Museumkaart, a BankGiro Lotterij VIP KAART, an Amsterdam Stadspas, an I amsterdam City Card, a NEMO Jaarpas, a NEMO voucher or an ICOM card or visitors aged between 0-3 also have to reserve a ticket with a date and timeslot. O NEMO (ou Nemo Science Museum, em nome oficial) é um museu localizado no centro de Amsterdã (o), nos Países Baixos. From parlograph to Walkman, from arc light to lamppost, from impulse generator to antique dynamo. Science Live enables scientists to carry out their own research in NEMO, which brings them into contact with a broad section of society. Grandes personnes, avec ou sans enfants amusez-vous aussi à NEMO. All visitors need to purchase or reserve a ticket with a specific timeslot in advance. By devising their own solution to a problem and by implementing and testing their design, children are continually expanding their knowledge. At NEMO, encouraging people to discover things for themselves is of paramount importance. NEMO supports schools throughout the Netherlands by providing educational programmes and teacher training courses. Science Live and NEMO Research & Development (in which Prof. Maartje Raijmakers is involved) are just two of the research programmes that offer such opportunities. Les enfants de différents âges s’amusent avec des bulles de savon géantes ou font des expériences dans le laboratoire de chimie. Meanwhile museum inspectors have chosen NEMO as the most kidproof museum in the Netherlands. The Diamond Museum Amsterdam was established in 2007 by Mr. Ben Meier. NEMO’s staff are seen to be the friendliest. The validity of the card or voucher will be checked with your ticket at the museum entrance. NEMO has been voted the most welcoming national museum in the Netherlands. This was the result of the Culture Sector Brands Survey carried out by Hendrik Beerda Brand Consultancy in March 2016. NEMO is happy to make that meeting possible by staging activities in which children work together on an idea or a solution. Groups receive a discount at NEMO. Read more about its history. Plan your visit. Order your tickets now! Check out the top 12 major museums in Amsterdam and explore the diversity of art, history and culture on offer! NEMO has been voted the most welcoming national museum in the Netherlands. The group rate is €156,- with a maximum of 32 pupils. NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam The four floors of NEMO Amsterdam is a stimulating scene. Grown-ups, with or without children of their own, have fun at NEMO too. Get started. At NEMO, science is alive and kicking.”. NEMO Research & Development is a research location for scientific learning, located within NEMO. Safety glasses? Lab coat? NEMO is the largest science center in the Netherlands, consisting of five floors. Venant de Belgique, nous connaissons déjà Technopolis avec lequel le Nemo est somme toute assez comparable. NEMO’s visitors learn about the basic principles of science and technology. Mesures covid présentes sans être oppressantes. Do you want to visit NEMO after it reopens? O Museu de Ciência NEMO é o museu de ciência e tecnologia mais importante de toda Holanda. NEMO’s staff are seen to be the friendliest. And that is exactly how the Italian architect Renzo Piano envisioned it. We ensure that the legacy of the CoBrA movement remains in … De acordo com os viajantes do Tripadvisor, estas são as melhores formas de experienciar NEMO Science Museum: NOVO: Cruzeiro noturno pelo canal a partir de Casa de Anne Frank (Desde 22,18 US$) Passeio de bicicleta em Amsterdã (Desde 36,96 US$) Cruzeiro pelo canal de Amsterdã em um barco clássico com bebidas e queijo holandês (Desde 35,73 US$) No tickets will be sold at the entrance to NEMO. We are Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen. Join us in a voyage of discovery to the farthest corners of the universe. Check! Ninety-five per cent of the environment we live in consists of technology. Marjolein van Breemen, NEMO’s Deputy Director. Ce musée est très interactif et … Holders of a Museumkaart, a BankGiro Lotterij VIP KAART, a Amsterdam Stadspas, a NEMO Jaarpas, a NEMO voucher or an ICOM card or visitors aged between 0-3 also have to reserve a ticket with a date and timeslot. Prof. dr. Maartje Raijmakers of the University of Amsterdam is affiliated with NEMO Science Museum. Send an email with your request to To offer you the best way to enjoy all about the museum and Vincent van Gogh on our website, we always use functional and analytical cookies. Technological developments are constantly changing society. Experiments at home. É um museu interativo, onde é possível aprender muita coisa sobre ciência e tecnologia de forma divertida. The official website of the Anne Frank House, with the most complete and up-to-date information about Anne Frank, her diary, and the Secret Annex. Her research focuses on informal learning outside the classroom. NEMO is a strong cultural brand that, in comparison to other museums, attracts a younger audience on average (38% of visitors are under the age of 18). All exhibitions It is possible to visit NEMO in groups again. NEMO Science Museum, Amsterdã: Veja 4.325 avaliações, dicas e 2.181 fotos de NEMO Science Museum, classificação de Nº 59 no Tripadvisor entre 2.915 atrações em Amsterdã. This collection, which contains no fewer than 19,500 artefacts, tells the story of humankind’s relationship with energy in its broadest sense. Museu da Ciência NEMO Um dos experimentos do Museu NEMO Está localizado em um edifício em forma de barco que tem uma cor esverdeada adquirida com o passar dos anos (no início, era cobre). This requires that a young generation be introduced to technology as early on as possible. In November 2014, NEMO was named one of the world’s eleven most awesome museums for children by the popular American magazine and website Mental Floss. Pas trop de monde dans le musée à l'ouverture. They learn by doing, by experiencing and by using all their senses. In collaboration with other knowledge institutes, scientific and technological knowledge is made accessible to a broad audience in a variety of ways. On average, visitors give a visit to NEMO a score of 8.6. Activities at NEMO. Aan de slag. Children of different ages have fun with giant soap bubbles and experiment in the chemistry lab. About phenomena such as electricity, light, sound and gravity.