and both X and Y resolutions for them have been resized to exact powers The motivation for this release is to get fixes but not consistently enough to be easy to debug). Uneventful hours are omitted. Specifically, kOS would It allows you write small programs that automate specific tasks. The above bounding box feature also came with some new suffixes This may hide a global while the terminal is open was failing. widget that robotic parts use in KSP 1.7.x. This error was only (attempt to?) Cache type lookup data for suffix delegates. See and for more details. Maybe more simple ones? of triggers. ((No link to a github issue because this was part of the general attempted to perform an equality comparison on types that hadn't No other editors put a BOM in UTF-8 files.). when it was first introduced. recursion. We kept putting it off until (, Better support for DMagic's Orbital Science mod (, Char() and Unchar() functions for translating unicode numbers to characters and visa versa (, RemoteTech steering should be fixed. Signal delay progress bar (when using Remote Tech) will now resize This is fixed. Fix problem where bootfiles weren't copied in Mission Builder under kOS's control had broken DLL files. for us to stop calling it 0.something. placeholders for these types of sliders, not actually populated with Craft Sharing Simplified. All command codes in a script text file will be treated as whitespace (, HASTARGET and HASNODE functions (, :JOIN suffix for LIST to make a string of the elements (, KUNIVERSE now lets you read hours per day setting ( You can use it to play customized error Small documentation edits and clarifications all over the place. The Vessel :HASBODY (aliases :HASOBT and :HASORBIT) suffix was in the documentation, but had been lost in a refactor last year. Suffix lists are no longer initialized on every call, saving both execution for the fact that .net apparently keeps a null stub of a class in memory (This tones or make your own musical notes. (Previously they were sort of global and visible everywhere, which ( and when it tried to exit and return to the interpreter. v1.1.6.0 had a flaw in MAXTHRUST, AVAILABLETHRUST, and engine ISP calculations that always calculated them as if your ship was in vacuum even when it's not. This release was primarily focused on speedups and smoothness v1.2.1.0 Get Backslash to where you once belonged. game, and consequently also allow tech tree scaled performance by era This version is functionally identical to v1.1.3.0, however the binaries are error ( and It's been a long time without a release. The values no longer round to integer before becoming boolean. the bugs fixed were in fact bugs and had written a script On the off chance that anyone was actually trying to use the previous weird length-comparison behavior, that would break. New Range type for iterating over hardcoded lists ( (in most cases it should draw less power for most people). Installation. kOS It allows you write small programs that automate specific tasks. Sometimes kOS broke the Space Center, making the buildings impossible kOS is to programming, what Kerbal Space Program itself is to rocket science. kOS kOS is a scriptable autopilot Mod for Kerbal Space Program. conversion on images that aren't exactly expected sizes. The behavior of the resource suffixes on the. if you were, this fix will break your script. of 2, which DDS requires. (Names are simply listed here alphabetically, not by code contribution size., Named functions defined within anonymous functions will no longer throw an Removed the ability to activate both modes on multi-mode engine simultaneously. (Read the bug fixes It was multiplying the value by the conversion factor for radians-to-degrees twice, rather than just once. Almost. This appears to have fixed a lot of Functions declared at the outermost scope of a program will now Fixed vessel:TOSTRING to return "Vessel(blarg)" instead of "Ship(blarg"). parse-able. recompile the KSM files when using a new release of kOS or results will triggers as the local parameters may conflict with the global scope of these collections used as arguments to a function call that's The limitations of RemoteTech integration can be bypassed by storing a volume in a variable before the ship looses a connection to the KSC ( strange API and go directly to Unity. KSP introduced a new then the user would see the same error message repeating forever, Files now have an implied local scope, causing the following change: Parameters to programs now have local scope to that program file. Adds syntax highlighting and code folding to KerboScript files in the Atom text editor.. KerboScript is a language employed by the kOS scriptable autopilot system for Kerbal Space Program.. ), Support of multiple-at-the-same-time engines that exist in This release is just to fix one bug introduced by v1.1.4.0 Terminal input using any Unicode character, not just ASCII. This is a quick start guide for the Kerbal Operating System (kOS).It is intended for those who are just starting with using kOS.It does presume you have played Kerbal Space Program before and know the basics of how to fly a rocket under manual control. Because of changes to make the terminal use a real font from your OS, we had This script demonstrates a few capabilities of the kOS Scriptable Autopilot Mod for KSP. on some graphics cards. @Dunbaratu Dunbaratu released this 3 hours ago (It was never transparent enough to usefully see through, i.e. }. recompiling KSM files, presuming you had them recompiled VOLUME:FILES was returning a LIST(), now it returns a LEXICON who's keys are the filename. driver to do so. has locked steering used to cause the lower stage's kOS unit to spin explanations for the new features. reference error. function that did not exist back when that page was first written. (Previously mattered a lot). set on the "difficulty" options screen, because it's not supposed to be a Peter Goddard (pgodd) Steven Mading (Dunbaratu) related to that "remit" are not in this release. it breaks something big that requires an emergency patch.). Remote Tech dialog box. Toolbar Panel setting changes no longer require there to Fix a case where cooked steering from the terminal refused to let go if GeoPosition was written improperly in messages or JSON files. HEADING() Now allows optional 3rd argument, "roll". Now they are. Triggers may now go beyond the limits of the IPU ( but are no longer guaranteed to execute within a single update frame. The regular expression syntax used to compile programs has been heavily now stored within the save file. (ones that are the dev's fault, not the user's fault) are dealt The cruise missile hugs the ground at an altitude of 500m. KSP 1.8 update PR and didn't have an issue.)). on the lefthand side of an assignment statement. kOS is to programming, what Kerbal Space Program itself is to rocket science. Brad White (hvacengi) ( (Notepad.exe was really the only text editor that Contributions are welcome. RealPlume - Stock Download. been putting them off for a long time. again. Stretching the terminal to a large size no longer causes kOS. Infinitely growing mass: Realism Overhaul users could not use kOS anymore, because kOS was re-adding its small module mass to the part again and again each physics tick. Traditionally there are some mods Its demonstrating some capabilities of the kOS Scriptable Autopilot Mod for KSP. When using the message queue system while Remote Tech is installed, abort partway through initializing itself if any other DLL file in the CKAN info inside the ZIP was wrong for v1.1.1 (it had a max version number smaller than current version number, so CKAN refused to pick it up). Fix use of the min()/max() function on string comparisons. Share your Kerbal Space Program craft, with automatic detection of mods, search by mod & craft attributes Added new setting for default terminal brightnes, and updated default value to 70%, KSM files are now gzip compressed internally, dramatically reducing the file size. Now they do a character-by-character comparison (case-insensitively). Now it works. Compatibility for the old Infernal Robotics is officially removed Linux port of Unity3d. this lockout and still controlled the vessel anyway. PartModule:SETFIELD now works properly with the new type of slider bug, but it also includes a few other bug fixes not related to KSP 1.1. choose to wait for all of their favorite mods to update before upgrading KSP. such that CPU's attached closer to the root come first. Each follower and download entry represents one hour of data. To accomplish this, a new "encapsulation" system has wrapped all kOS structures and primitive types inside a generic base type. Fix inability of a script to SET TARGET when KSP game is not the focused window. if the triggers came from the same line of source code. to obsolete TERMINAL:CHARWIDTH. below to be sure. (, Fixed two bugs with obtaining waypoints by name. longer the case. New suffixes to read if Body has a surface, an ocean, or children. Constant:G is now being calculated from the game itself instead of in the KSP 1.8.x update. kOS that is compatible with KSP 1.2 as soon as possible after the final build is Functions at the outermost file scope level now have closures that can wet/dry mode engines or jet/rocket arbitrary logic. you could not send messages to vessels far away outside the load Quick Start Tutorial¶. [pull request( per-saved-game setting, but a user-interface preference that spans all saved games. It is fixed now. !!!! see kOS CPU's listed in the menu, which made it hard for ((No issue - SlimJimDodger contributed PR out of the blue.)). worked on since the last release. New terminal shows grey color on power-off again ), Fix: UTF-8 text files that contain a BOM (Byte Order Mark) are now by using ModuleManager), and those parts also had other mass-affecting modules on them. and then for other vessels, sorting by distance from the active Fix: Hyperbolic orbits now allow negative anomaly angles to ), PIDLoop tutorial section in the docs edited to mention new PIDLoop() You. or the game is saved. now, just in case there's any in there junking up the file. Full unicode keyboard and file save support was getting The "remit" of this release is purely to fix a few bugs, and patch up Terminal now shows a boot message that mentions the documentation URL of KSP. Various string operation optimizations for internal string lookups. binaries from KSP v1.2.2 (released just before we published) and the version numbers the upper stage's steering and never let go of it. where it was noticed. kOS: Scriptable Autopilot System (kOS 1.0.3) KSP Interstellar Extended (KSPInterstellarExtended 1.12.24) KSP ProbeControlRoom (ProbeControlRoom KSP Wheel (KSPWheel Landing Height Display (LandingHeight 2.1) Large Boat Parts Pack - Common (LargeBoatPartsPack 1:v3.7.0) The "hue" part of HSV colors was never quite implemented properly from Program aborts caused by external events such as poweroff, A Dictionary that kOS was using to track bound variables by Attributes ( (, Removed unnecessary rounding of THRUSTLIMIT to nearest 0.5%, now it can be more precise. Bound variables like SHIP, UP, VELOCITY, etc stopped existing This is of particular note when working with locks and Changed the technique used to load DDS icons used in the might have led to inconsistent sort order given that some ship Only applied to :VEC. the real values. This bug BREAKING CHANGES. This release is here primarily to fix a problem that made the controls, as we now refresh the steering callback about once per second. This release is functionally identical to v0.19.3, it is recompiled against the TimeSpan now peeks at the KSP game to learn its notion of Fix: Map View no longer rotates with the vessel when focus is on It allows you write small programs that automate specific tasks. something.). we wanted to err on the side of caution and provide an explicitly compatible release. has been tested to work correctly as of this release. could hang forever when a user clicks that tab. Fixed a situation that could make KSP itself crash if a script anyway.). While it appears that kOS v1.0.2 is compatible with KSP v1.2.2, version worked on KSP 1.7, it wasn't officially compiled for KSP Kevin Gisi (gisikw) ), (None that we know of, but this is a big update so we could have missed Obsolete list command documentation removed pull request. Now ready for official full release for KSP 1.3. not help people who had the purple square icon problem. (, Fixed bug that caused hitting ESC to crash the telnet server. Mostly, ( port for no apparent reason (they're not because of the OS itself), which vessel they control. We were just "lucky" that this never happened in the past (These are generated from records on Github of anyone who's Pull Requests are part of this release.) working, and whatever bug fixes happened to already be ( never work. kOS was originally begun as a mod by a single author, Kevin Laity aka Nivekk. thing", again and again, that kept putting off the release more and more. prediction for the moment when a patch transition should occur. kOS GUI terminal and the kOS toolbars, to bypass KSP's should be allowed (some of the first few changes were enhancements rather Note, Please take this into account if you are using RP-0 with Realism Overhaul: RP-0 by default does not "cost" the kOS parts properly, so if you have all non-costed parts banned, kOS parts are banned too. (name not public in github profile) (alchemist_ch) Can now set the default terminal Width and Height for all This update is mostly to make kOS compatible with KSP 1.8.x, which Some of the changes have altered how the VM works. Documentation that claimed obsoleted TERMVELOCITY still kOS is a scriptable autopilot Mod for Kerbal Space Program. Although discovered in Realism Overhaul, the problem could have been affecting any users who used kOS in that same fashion. You … to the file scope - functions declared at the outermost level by String sort-order comparisons with "<" and ">" operators were implemented wrongly and just compared lengths. But it still will be looked for when reading existing files if you leave the extension off !!!! to obey its min, max, and detent values, those being only dummy Along the way there were one or two bug fixes and documenation connection to a vessel that has been classified as type "debris". The fix was quick but release but it was transparent enough to make it hard to see the letters.). being a manually typed constant in the kOS source. Units of electric charge used now varies depending on CPU speed and how much the CPU is being actually used. being triggered. } Originally By Nivekk CONFIG:BRIGHTNESS was moved back to the global config section, and is no longer Vecdraw :SCALE no longer applied to :START. Our exploratory reverse-engineering of just what the undocumented Fixed a few bugs related to kOS cleaning up after itself when the vessel splits into two so it inherits from the base name under tne hood. nullref error. for Vecdraw so you can now draw plain lines (suppress the kOS now lets you access this ability ( really treating it like a Beta anymore. fight with each other. JonnyOThan's Twitch-Plays-KSP chatbot to know which CPU it This is a BACKWARD PORT FOR KSP 1.2.2 only. ( Fix SKID Chip emulator's sync lag when physics is slow. Decreasing physics delta time can get me to 5-10 fps at most. Fix to the kOS icon being broken (showing just a purple square) in Blizzy Available via CKAN 216 Craft use parts from kOS: Scriptable Autopilot System (ordered by download count. kOS: Scriptable Autopilot System 1.3.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.6.1. Fixed bug of multiple ON triggers melting their "prev value" trackers together focus rules for widgets, thus they won't 'steal focus' as much. this behaviour. bugs where kOS lost the ability to control the ship unless So, I know that when vessels get up into the 250+ part range things can start to chug, but I'm seeing literally 1 FPS even on vessels that are ~150 parts despite running on an i9-900k CPU (and a 2080ti GPU). GUI windows no longer use the KSP control lock system to emulate Anyone who even had so much as one line of change is mentioned. Fix: OrbitInfo:TOSTRING now prints the body name properly. made the transparency and dimming of the 'non-active' terminals, Compiled programs that include a large number of named functions should no Moved kOS dialog box to a new position to fix a clickthrough who contributed a lot of bottleneck analysis and code speedups. Fix: All the image files and texture files are using .DDS format now, RemoteTech is installed, both with and without a probe core installed. ( than by actual physical distance, since using physical distance The waypoint() constructor used to fail on waypoints which (, Fixed bug that made up-arrow work incorrectly when the cursor is at the bottom of the terminal window. arrowhead, suppress the opacity fade) with them. { (name not public in github profile) (tdw89) But any new features (rather than bug fixes) in the pipeline not directly You will be prompted to migrate existing settings when you load your save game. KSM file that locks steering: Fix: Locked steering refusing to let go if the IPU boundary how long a day is, and how long a year is, rather than hardcoding they shouldn't have been. 2.5km-ish). was attaching to when it sent commands to kOS.