Best price guaranteed. Best price guaranteed. Surf Camps in Northern Europe Also in Northern Europe surfers can find great waves. Get an overview of the best surf camps in Europe. Meet friends for life, experience … Book a Live Surf Holiday Package or Ask a Host Directly to Create one for you in Over 1,300 Surf Camps in 200 of the World’s Top Surf Locations. Learn to surf at our Surf Camps or Surf Resorts. Countries in Europe. Surf camps for Teenagers and adults. We’re passionate about connecting you with local organizers to enrich your life with unforgettable trips. Learn to surf with Nomad Surfers, stay at the best surf camp in Spain and the largest surf camp in Europe. Surf the power swells of the atlantic ocean. Established in 1993, we were Portugal’s first surf camp. View more. Free Booking Requests Best Prices Surfer-Friendly No Hassle With 21 surf trips and an instructor by your side, you'll be perfecting a pop-up in no time! At Lapoint surf camps, we want to share the stoke of surfing, taking your skills to the next level and having a lot of fun at the same time. Why choose us? A curated list of our destinations. ... Europe. Visitors get impressed by the beautiful landscape and wide dunes. In Portugal, Europe's most consistent surf spot, there are surf camps for all budgets and throughout the entire country. If you're a surfing pro or a total rookie, surf camps in Europe are a great way to challenge yourself or learn to surf. Teaching people how to surf and making sure they have the best possible surfing holiday is … Surf Camps in Spain. ... We offer any type of holiday you can imagine including mindful yoga retreats, adventurous safaris, epic surf camps, and more. The Surf Europe Guide To (Non-Illegal, Non-Prescription) Drugs 6 Withdrawal Techniques to Consider when Surfing Tubes When surfing tubes, just like in other fun activities, entry is easier than exit. Dates & length Places Filters. Especially the Northern Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark are very popular Destinations. Since 1995. Our surf holidays combine surf sessions, bucket list-adventures and social activities. A big advantage … Surf camps for Teenagers and adults. By focusing on customer service and the environment we have grown to become one of the best loved surf schools on Europe’s Atlantic coast. Check out the different surf camps on our surf map and get in touch with the european surf travel companies directly. What makes us unique is our focus on fun and expert surf coaching and our dedication to sharing this passion and the famous surfers’ lifestyle with all our surf holiday guests. Surf Trips & Camps in Europe. We are the oldest surf travel and surf camp Operator in Europe, specialised in summer surf camps in Spain. The first unit was established in the early 1990s and, since then, the sports tourism offer has been steadily increasing in the land of 300 sunny days per year. Surf camps. View more Featured. Besides the wide range of Surf camps for adults in Spain, we also offer surf camps in Canary islands. We’ve been running our surf camps for 10 years at some of the best surf beaches in Europe. Summer Surf Camps For Teenagers. We love to travel and we want to share our excitement with you.